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The Facilities Improvement Team (FIT) is meeting weekly to develop a long-range facilities plan that will enhance student learning and keep pace with community growth

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Summit View High School Meets Students Where They Are

April 1, 2015

At his old high school, Josh Turvey found himself struggling with claustrophobia and anxiety as he made his way through halls packed with bigger kids. He admitted this struggle to friends, and they told Turvey about their school: Summit View High School. One of Turvey's teachers at Prairie High School confirmed that Summit View has a unique learning environment. "I tried it," Turvey said. "And I loved it." 

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Join the BGPS Team

May 22, 2015

Battle Ground Public Schools educates students in a dynamic environment that meets the needs of every learner.  Watch our new video and see why Chief Umtuch teacher Melissa Hill believes new teachers should join us in Battle Ground! Learn more about our district and job opportunities by clicking below. 

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