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Superintendent Update

A great start to the new year!
Read about updates on the budget, facility and technology improvements, our community survey, and negotiations with our associations. 

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Back to School 2015-16

September 24, 2015
Battle Ground Public Schools' Board of Directors unanimously approved the 2015-16 district budget at its meeting August 24, 2015. The state requires school budgets to be approved and submitted by August 31. 

Read more about the 2015-16 budget approval process, budget allocations, and funding for state initiatives including the 3 percent COLA increase, class size reduction and full-day kindergarten on the district's new budget page.

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Coaches Plus Practice Equals Effective Math Instruction

September 24, 2015

Memorizing multiplication tables and algorithms are no longer the key to success in classroom mathematics. 

Now, Washington's State Learning Standards in math ask students to understand how a formula works or why they need to use a specific algorithm to compute the area of a triangle, for example.