2.5 Hour Late Start - After-school activities

posted Nov 13, 2014, 5:46 AM by BGPS Web   [ updated Nov 13, 2014, 1:55 PM ]


November 13, 2014

Message posted 1:38 PM 11/13/14

All after-school activities are cancelled including evening classes, Battle Ground Community Education programs and classes, sporting events and practices, and drama productions. Students will remain in school for the rest of the day, and buses will be on normal routes. 

This cancellation is due to the approaching weather and potentially dangerous driving conditions. 

The district office will continue to monitor weather conditions and will update families as the weather progresses. 

Message posted at 8:33 AM 11/13/14 

BPGS will remain on the 2.5 hour late start.There is no morning kindergarten and no morning preschool.  Buses are starting their normal routes. Weather predictions for our area of the county are milder than the gorge area and we are expected to stay above freezing with a potential for snow/rain mix. District staff will continue to monitor the weather throughout the day. 

You can view school start times online

Message posted at 5:45 AM 11/13/14

All schools are on a 2 ½ hour late start due to the current weather conditions. There is no morning kindergarten and no morning preschool. Buses are currently scheduled for normal bus routes and will run 2.5 hours later than your normal time. 

School specific late start times can be viewed on the School Hours page. 

Please tune in to local TV and Radio stations for current weather updates. District staff will continue to monitor the weather for any changes. The district will continue to update the district website, social media pages, and phone/emails if any changes occur.