Community Ed basketball players receive award for saving teammate's life

posted May 11, 2017, 10:29 AM by Rita Sanders   [ updated May 12, 2017, 8:56 AM ]

Community Ed basketball players receive award for saving teammate's life

May 11, 2017

Battle Ground Public Schools is honored that it was part of such a great event held last night to recognize seven gentlemen who saved the life of one of their basketball teammates at Chief Umtuch Middle School two weeks ago. The players gave CPR and used an AED at the school to resuscitate George Tierney after he went into cardiac arrest. 
Mr. Tierney, who is recovering and doing well, attended the event where Fire District 3 awarded his Over the Hill teammates with its Life Saver award.  Some of the group have been playing in the Over the Hill pickup games for the last 20 years and are like family.

AEDs save lives! This is the first time an AED has been used in a Battle Ground school since we started acquiring them 9 years ago. The AED the group used for Mr. Tierney was purchased by the Chief Umtuch PTO. Battle Ground has 23 total AEDs spread across the district. They have been purchased with grants (Legacy Health Systems, Quinn Driscoll Foundation) donations (PTOs) and district funds. The district is working to get more AEDs in its schools. Please learn how CPR and AEDs save the lives of people whose hearts go into cardiac arrest.

A BIG Battle Ground schools thank you to the selfless actions of George's teammates who came to his aid, and the Fire District 3 crew that responded quickly to the scene. We are so happy that Mr. Tierney is doing so well!

Over the Hill (age 35+) pickup games are held every Monday and Wednesday by Battle Ground Community Education in the Chief Umtuch Middle School gym. Battle Ground Community Education was established in 1975, and is a department of Battle Ground Public Schools that is maintained by user fees.

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