District Art Show Honors Late Founder with Namesake Award

posted May 11, 2016, 11:46 AM by Rita Sanders   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 9:39 AM by Joe Vajgrt ]

District Art Show Honors Late Founder with Namesake Award

May 11, 2016

Battle Ground Public Schools recognized the winners of its 57th annual District Art Show on Monday during a school board meeting held at Captain Strong Primary. A new award this year, the Bob Peck Award, honors the late Bob Peck, a former Battle Ground High School teacher and the founder of the District Art Show who died earlier this year. Peck taught art at the high school for more than 37 years. The school's art gallery is named for him.

Hundreds of art pieces created by K-12th graders are on display through May 24 at the school. The public is invited to view the art free of charge from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days from May 3 to 24 at the school, 1002 NW 6th Ave., Battle Ground.

Awards were given to:

Bob Peck Award (pictured)
Monzerrat Garcia-Rico, 3rd grade, Pleasant Valley Primary

Superintendent's Award
Ashley Conjugacion, 8th grade, River HomeLink

Best of Show
10th grade, Summit View High School student
Laela Richards, 5th grade, Daybreak Middle

12th Grade
1st Place: Alexis Hood, Battle Ground
2nd Place: Natalie Whitesel, Prairie
3rd Place: Allison Womak, Prairie
Honorable Mention: Shelby Anderson, Battle Ground

11th Grade
1st Place: Lizzy Rybalka, River HomeLink
2nd Place: Tatum Howlett, CAM
3rd Place: Julia Shabura, Summit View
Honorable Mention: Sierra Nevton, Prairie

10th Grade
1st Place: Summit View High School 10th grade student (pictured)
2nd Place: Ella Zherebenka, River HomeLink
3rd Place: Hailey Pitman, Summit View
Honorable Mention: Emrie Elliot, Prairie

Ninth Grade
1st Place: Elena Lobanova, River HomeLink
2nd Place: Marianne Rozyodoyskiy, River HomeLink
3rd Place: Gabrielle Elliot, River HomeLink
Honorable Mention: Kaylene Yandell, River HomeLink

Eighth Grade
1st Place: Ashley Conjugacion, River HomeLink
2nd Place: Rubi Llanos, Pleasant Valley Middle; Avalin Smithline, Amboy and Heaven W., Tukes Valley Middle
3rd Place: Ashley Conjugacion, River HomeLink and Isabella Strano, Amboy
4th Place: Gabby Burris, Amboy; Jocelyn Clark, CAM and Lewis K., Tukes Valley Middle
Honorable Mention: John Amajan, CAM and Shelby Allen, Chief Umtuch

Seventh Grade
1st Place: Kristina Deryavko, River HomeLink
2nd Place: Olivia Elizondo, River HomeLink and Nicholas Newberg, River HomeLink
3rd Place: Mallory Meyer, Chief Umtuch and Kari Maulding, Laurin
Honorable Mention: Morgan Payne, CAM

Sixth Grade
1st Place: Geneva Ricardo, Daybreak Middle
2nd Place: Logan Reutter, River HomeLink
3rd Place: Elsa Steigman, Laurin
4th Place: Arina Shevchenko, Maple Grove
Honorable Mention: Gina Muonio, Chief Umtuch; Gabby Hill, Pleasant Valley Middle and Terra Pierson, Amboy

Fifth Grade
1st Place: Laela Richards, Daybreak Middle and Ryley Engstrom, River HomeLink (pictured)
2nd Place: Amber Huynh, Pleasant Valley Middle and Marissa Boyd, Laurin
3rd Place: Allie Lanhart, Amboy and Paige Maier, Pleasant Valley Middle
4th Place: Luciana Schrater, River HomeLink
Honorable Mention: Audrey, Amboy and Michael Manzyuk, Daybreak Middle

Photography: Black and White
1st Place: Arline Gonzales, Battle Ground
2nd Place: Emily Davidson, Battle Ground
3rd Place: Logan Bushnell, Battle Ground

Photography: Color
1st Place: Larissa Lepro, 9th grade, River HomeLink
2nd Place: Ty Parker, 12th grade, River HomeLink
3rd Place: Lucy Charleson 10th grade, Battle Ground
4th Place: Magan Luisi, 9th grade, River HomeLink
Honorable Mention: Stephanie Kane, 12th grade, Battle Ground and Callie Rich, 10th grade, Battle Ground

Computer Art
1st Place: Anna Drygas-Miller, 9th grade, River HomeLink
2nd Place: Mercedes Mehr, 11th grade, River HomeLink
3rd Place: Jacob Niles, 10th grade, River HomeLink
4th Place: Morgan Ackerland, 3rd grade, River HomeLink
Honorable Mention: Rafael Myers, 5th grade, River HomeLink

Ceramics: High School
1st Place: Taylor Steuben, 12th grade, Battle Ground
2nd Place: Kylie Smith, 12th grade, Battle Ground
3rd Place: Dakota Goets, 12th grade, Battle Ground
4th Place: Michael Opdycke, Prairie

Ceramics: Middle School
1st Place: Alea Hallstrum, 8th grade, Amboy
2nd Place: Anatoliy Barylyak, 8th grade, Daybreak Middle
3rd Place: Emma Reddig, 7th grade, Daybreak Middle
4th Place: Morgan Godfrey, 5th grade, Amboy

3D Sculpture
1st Place: River HomeLink Cooperative Project, 9-12th grades (Larissa Lepro, Elena Lobanova, Andrey Germanov, Timothy Bobrick, Marianne Rezvedovskiy, Ella Zherebenko, Tessa Higginson, Ty Parker, Maddy Nutter and Courtney Garris)
2nd Place: Beth Jouppe, 7th grade, Tukes Valley Middle
3rd Place: Rebecca Andueza, 7th grade, Maple Grove
4th Place: Edward Checkhun, 8th grade, Daybreak Middle

The Battle Ground Art Alliance also presented awards:

Best of Show
10th grade student, Summit View

High School
1st Place: Lizzy Rybalka, 11th grade, River Home Link
2nd Place: Dina Berezih, 11th grade, Summit View
3rd Place: Mariah Darling, 12th grade, Battle Ground

Middle School
1st Place: Anastasia Lobanova, 8th grade, River HomeLink
2nd Place: Kristina Deryavko, 7th grade, River HomeLink
3rd Place: Jade Stewart, 6th grade, River HomeLink

Honorable Mentions
Katelyn P., 5th grade, Tukes Valley Middle
Ellie Ritter, 6th grade, Tukes Valley Middle
Gabby Steinbrenner, 7th grade, Chief Umtuch
Isac Robinson, 8th grade, Chief Umtuch
Marianne Rozvodovskiy, 9th grade, River HomeLink

Havilah Swanson, 10th grade, River HomeLink

1st Place: Brittney Biggerstaff, 11th grade, Battle Ground
2nd Place: CheyAnne Robertson, 8th grade, Daybreak Middle
3rd Place: McKenna Talbert, 11th grade, Battle Ground