Middle Schoolers Take SW Washington Math Challenge

posted Mar 10, 2016, 3:07 PM by Rita Sanders

Middle Schoolers Take SW Washington Math Challenge

March 10, 2016

Nearly 200 middle schoolers from across Battle Ground Public Schools took the fourth annual Southwest Washington Math Challenge this past weekend, demonstrating their skills in individual and team events. The event was held at Chief Umtuch Middle School and proctored by teachers and math instructors from Clark Community College.

Awards were given to first, second and third place teams in each grade and for first and second place highest scoring individuals in each grade and for the overall top score.

The overall top score award went to 6th grader Zach McClellan. Individual first place high scorers were Rebecca Strizver, 8th grade; David Alyabyev and Alex Forstrom, 7th grade; Zach McClellan, 6th grade; and Calem Klinger, 5th grade. Individual second place high scorers were Maggie Munoz, 8th grade; Jaelyn Sotelo, 7th grade; Elijah Clark, 6th grade; and Conrad Kallwick, 5th grade.

First place teams were Pleasant Valley A, 8th grade (Evan Anderson, Andrew Savage, Kyra Crosby, Amber Holmgren); Chief Umtuch B, 7th grade (Josh Ferguson, Peter Pham, Jameson Harpe, Alex Forstrom); CAM Academy A, 6th grade (Jonah Colagross, Zach McClellan, Tanner Brinton, Elijah Clark); and Chief Umtuch A, 5th grade (Samantha Grossman, Jonah Lipovich, Conrad Kallwick, Genevieve Linderman).

Second place teams were Daybreak B, 8th grade (Edward Chekhum, Annika Pullings, Justin Theer, Joshua Jasso); Pleasant Valley A, 7th grade (Elijah Engstrom, Anna Newberry, Trinity Perrin, David Alyabyev); Chief Umtuch B, 6th grade (Evan Newell, Adriana Fachiol, Jordan Peterson, Camilla Gress); and Pleasant Valley A, 5th grade (Anthony Huynh, Calem Klinger, Hunter Dang, Jack Houlahan).

Third place teams were Chief Umtuch A, 8th grade (Tyler Minden, Lillian Reisbick, Trinitie Sullivan, Nathan Lipovich); Tukes Valley A, 7th grade (Evy Wacker, Ally Peterson, Alena Stevens, Jaelyn Sotelo); Chief Umtuch A, 6th grade (Grant Halme, Karleigh Potter, Caleb Coine, Colton Sahota); and CAM Academy B, 5th grade (Livvy McClellan, Hannah Bladow, Brooke Allen, Sierra Bowers).