River HomeLink fifth grader wins teacher appreciation essay contest

posted Apr 26, 2017, 12:12 PM by Joe Vajgrt

River HomeLink fifth grader wins teacher appreciation essay contest

April 26, 2017

River HomeLink fifth grader Hana Feldheger was recently named one of three local essay contest winners. The Barnes & Noble “My Favorite Teacher” contest is open to middle and high school students who are instructed to write an essay, poem, or thank you letter that shares in 500 words or less how a teacher has influenced their life, and why they appreciate and admire the teacher.

Hana, along with two high school students from the local area, were selected by a Barnes & Noble committee to be recognized for their writing.  Hana’s winning essay was about her math teacher, Greg Glascock. 

“Receiving this recognition was refreshing” Glascock said. “These types of acknowledgements help to confirm that you are indeed making a positive difference in someone's life, and that something you are doing is appreciated.  I am very impressed with Hana, and honored to have inspired her in her math studies.” 

For authoring a winning essay, Hana and Mr. Glascock received a certificate of recognition and were honored at a ceremony at the Vancouver Barnes & Noble.  
Hana's essay advances to the regional competition, in which five winning teachers will each receive a $500 Barnes & Noble gift card and become eligible for the company’s national “Teacher of the Year" award. The national Teacher of the Year award recipient will receive $5,000 and be recognized at a special event at a Barnes & Noble store, with the winning teacher's school also receiving $5,000, and the student author receiving  a $500 Barnes & Noble gift certificate and NOOK electronic reading device.

Here is Hana’s winning essay.

    Dear Mr. G.,

    Since you always grade us, I decided to grade you this time. I would give you an:

    A+ for being funny. Humor can lift our spirits when we cross over the deepest chasm of math…
    A+ for being encouraging. I still remember what you told me on my first day, ‘Making a mistake is okay because that’s how you learn and get better!”

    A+ for giving us challenges. You make us think and look at math from a different angle. Suddenly, our future in math seems unbelievably bright!

    A+ for being loud enough for us (and other classes) to hear. You dodn’t mumble; I never have to lean forward and strain my ears to hear you!

    A+ for being patient. When we don’t exactly understand what you’re saying, you let us ask questions again and again and again until we do understand!

    A+ for being relaxed. When you are relaxed, it makes us feel at ease, too. We can’t tackle math when you are tense or stiff!

    Overall, if you do the math…

    A+A+A+A+A+A+=Thank you for being a first-class teacher!!


    Hana Feldheger