Summer maintenance preserves assets at Battle Ground schools

posted Jul 26, 2017, 4:16 PM by Joe Vajgrt   [ updated Aug 24, 2017, 4:31 PM by Rita Sanders ]

Summer maintenance preserves assets at Battle Ground schools

July 26, 2017

Crews have been hard at work this summer making improvements and scheduled maintenance repairs at Battle Ground Public Schools. The goal is for work to be completed by the time students return to school Aug. 30. Below is a list of some of the more notable projects, which are largely funded thanks to levy dollars:

Amboy Middle School 
Work has been completed on the replacement of galvanized water lines in the 300 building, and the school’s tritium EXIT signs are being replaced with more modern LED signs. Amboy will also get a covered rear entry to help keep kids out of the rain and prevent tracking in water, but that project will probably extend into the fall.

Battle Ground High School
District Stadium is undergoing a repaving project to replace and repair the asphalt. The BGHS welding shop is also undergoing phase two of its renovation project, which involved updating the welding booths and ventilation systems.

Captain Strong Primary
Last year’s extremely wet (and snowy!) winter was rough on many of the gyms in district schools. The gym walls at Captain Strong are being power washed and resealed to help waterproof them. The floor is also being replaced in the small gym/cafeteria, and carpet is being removed from the hallways to make way for super sturdy, commercial grade VCT (vinyl composition tile) flooring. Finally, the HVAC system is getting updated to draw in more outside air and increase efficiency.

Chief Umtuch Middle 
The gym walls at Chief Umtuch Middle, Daybreak Primary/Middle, and Tukes Valley Primary/Middle are getting the same waterproofing treatment as the gym walls at Captain Strong. It’s a labor-intensive project that will keep our gyms in the best shape no matter what the weather throws at us. 

CASEE Campus
The Center for Agriculture, Science and Environmental Education campus is home to Summit View High School and the district’s administrative offices. In addition to making way for new office space by reconfiguring existing spaces, the A Building’s 24-year-old HVAC system is getting replaced, as is the roof on Building C.

Daybreak Primary and Middle Schools
The schools’ tritium EXIT signs are being replaced with more modern LED signs, and the gym is getting the same waterproofing treatment as the gyms at Captain Strong Primary and Chief Umtuch Middle schools. 

Laurin Middle School
Four two-plexes (eight classrooms) are being installed to accommodate community growth, and the school’s electrical system is getting some maintenance attention. 

Maple Grove K-8 
The roof is getting some repairs to support the HVAC platforms.

River HomeLink
The asphalt on the playground is being resealed, and sidewalks that have been damaged by tree roots are being replaced.

Prairie High School
Lighting is being installed along the pathways between playing fields and the parking lots, and scoreboards for varsity baseball and softball are being installed. The dimmer switch system in the auditorium is being replaced, and renovations such as remodeling the former preschool into a space for the Special Education Department are also underway. 

Tukes Valley Primary and Middle Schools 
The gym is getting the same waterproofing treatments as the gyms at Daybreak Primary/Middle, Captain Strong Primary, and Chief Umtuch Middle schools. 

Yacolt Primary
A 10-plex building, just like the one installed last year at Pleasant Valley Primary School, is being installed to replace the portable buildings that are being moved to Laurin Middle School, and the parking lots are being resealed.