Boundary shift

Glenwood Heights Primary and Laurin Middle Schools'
Potential Boundary Shift

Glenwood Heights Primary and Laurin Middle schools are overcrowded and need free, full-day kindergarten. The school board is considering a boundary shift into the Maple Grove School area. 

Board Decision

On March 28, school board members decided to move forward with Option 3, which will allow the implementation of full-day kindergarten next fall without the need for a boundary change at this time. The details of Option 3 are below:

Option 3: Connect Glenwood Heights and Laurin campuses to sewer lines and construct additional classrooms (with either: new 10-plex modular, or install wet portables) AND reconfigure Laurin Middle School shop building to add three additional classrooms. 

  • Approximate costs: 
    • Minimum $1.2 million to construct and connect to sewer
    • Classrooms:
      • New 10-Plex Modular - $1.8 M or
      • Five portables (10 classrooms) for three year rental plus installation - $1 M
    • $200,000 for classroom furnishings
    • $180,000 - $220,000 for Laurin classroom conversion, wiring and furniture 
    • Total
      • Sewer + 10-plex: $3.38 M - $3.42 M
      • Sewer + Portables: $2.58 M - $2.62 M

  • Timeline:
    • Sewer connection: approximately 1 year - Conditional use permits and site plan would need to be completed before construction.  Student occupancy would not be available until September 2017. 
    • Laurin shop reconfiguration - Fall 2016

  • Increase in Capacity
    • 3 additional Laurin classrooms ~ 60 students
    • Restricting boundary exceptions ~107 (LMS-48 GHP-59)
    • Additional Classrooms:10-Plex or Portables ~200 students (Fall 2017)
    • Total: 367

  • Pros:
    • Connects campus to sewer and allows for future additions to meet enrollment growth.
    • Future developments could possibly pay a latecomer fee to tap into sewer line.  (Note: This is dependent on sewer district and size of line, which would impact construction costs.)
    • Laurin shop reconfiguration would provide additional classrooms for all-day kindergarten in the Fall of 2016.
    • Would delay boundary shifts.

  • Cons:
    • Work would require a loan (non-voted debt) Note: only a percentage of impact fees based on percentage of growth could be used for sewer connection.
    • Rented portables are a lower cost option than 10-plex and allow more design options for future buildings. 
    • Does not reduce overcrowding until 2017-18.
    • Core facilities (gym, cafeteria, library etc) are at capacity. The addition of approximately 200 students would go beyond current core facility capacity. 

Board Work Sessions

The Battle Ground Public Schools’ Board of Directors invites community members to Special Work Sessions to discuss a potential boundary shift to relieve overcrowding and support free, full-day kindergarten. The work sessions will be held at Laurin Middle School (13601 NE 97th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98662):

  • Monday, Feb. 29, 6:00 pm, Laurin Commons
  • Monday, March 7, 6:00 pm, Laurin Commons
  • Monday, March 14, 4:00 pm, Lewisville Campus (Note: This work session is designed for board discussion. Community members are invited to attend and listen, however no public comment section will be available.)
  • Monday, March 21, 6:00 pm, Laurin Commons - Board discussion and public comment
  • Monday, March 28, 6:00 pm, Lewisville Campus Board Room - Regular Meeting

March 21 Board Work Session

Community members and staff are invited to attend the Board Work Session on Monday, March 21, 6 pm in the Laurin Commons to discuss potential options to reduce overcrowding and implement all-day kindergarten at Glenwood Heights and Laurin campuses. 

On Monday, March 14, School board members and staff discussed 11 possible scenarios in an effort to meet the needs of the schools. As as result, board members narrowed the selection to five possible options which will be presented at the March 21 meeting. Details of each option including approximate costs, timeline for completion and a list of pros and cons can be viewed below.

GHP/LMS Options for Consideration

Board members will be taking public comment during the March 21 meeting with the goal of making a final decision at the Regular Board Meeting on March 28, 6 pm, Lewisville. 

GHP LMS Boundary Shift Comment 3 Video 21March16.mp4


For the past several months, district staff and school board members have considered how to accommodate full-day kindergarten and relieve overcrowding at Glenwood/Laurin campuses. County restrictions prohibit the district from constructing additional classrooms at the current campus sites due to septic limitations.The board asked the school district to create a recommendation that would accommodate these two needs. They presented a boundary change on February 29. Details of the recommendation can be viewed below.  The school board and district are looking into several additional options shared during recent work sessions with a goal to create optimal learning environments and meet the stated needs. 

The district office will continue to contact families via phone and email with additional information. This webpage will be updated as information becomes available.

We understand this type of shift can bring many questions and concerns. Please participate in the meetings and feel free to contact the district’s communication office with questions at or by calling (360) 885-5337.

March 7 Special Work Session

BGPS school board members continued the discussion and listen to pubic comment to discover ways to provide all-day kindergarten at Glenwood Heights and reduce overcrowding at Glenwood Heights and Laruin schools. You can watch the work session below. 

GHP LMS Boundary Shift Comment 2 Video 09March16.mp4

Feb. 29 Boundary Presentation

District administrators recommended a boundary shift to Maple Grove School that would move approximately 211 students from Glenwood Heights Primary and Laurin Middle schools starting in the 2016-17 school year.  You can view a PDF version of the presentation by clicking here, or view the video below. 

The recommended areas are highlighted in the map. Click the image to enlarge. 

Watch the Feb. 29, presentation and discussion in the videos below. 

District Presentation and Recommendation

Community Question and Answer

Board members and administrators answered several questions from the audience. Questions included the number of students on boundary exceptions to Glenwood Heights and Laruin schools, future plans for the area to meet growth demands, plans for all-day kindergarten and current academic supports at Maple Grove School. You can watch the question and answer section below.  Board members requested district administrators to provide additional information regarding boundary exceptions to the next work session on March 7. 

GHP LMS Boundary Shift Comment Video 02March16.mp4

Comment Form

We understand several families and staff members are unable to attend the public meetings. Please feel free to submit your questions and comments through the online form below. 

Boundary Shift Comment Form

Parent Letters - Sent Feb. 18, 2016

Click below to read parent letters in English, Spanish and Russian. 

GHP/LMS Boundary Letters