Hour of Code 

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code - Worldwide 2015

The Hour of Code is an international effort that reaches millions of K-12 students worldwide and creates excitement around computer science and writing code.  By promoting computer science education for just one hour next week in your classrooms, you can contribute to your students' enthusiasm for the subject.   Anyone can organize an Hour of Code event, and tutorials are available to help teachers get started.  Participants do not need to know how to code, and the program is for all students, from kindergarten to high school seniors.

This fun and engaging event drew students and teachers from almost every grade level last year.  We believe all students should have the opportunity to learn about coding. It helps build creativity and problem-solving skills; and by starting early, students will build a foundation for future success no matter what they do later in life.

The Hour of Code is organized by Code.org, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting computer science education.  You can have an Hour of Code event with or without a computer.  Hour of Code works on almost any Internet-connected device, from full computers to tablets and Chromebooks.  If you can, pair up your students for the event.  Pairing students will help them learn about the social and collaborative nature of programming.

Join in the fun and let's see how many total student hours we can log as a district!

How to run an Hour of Code in your classroom 

How to Run an Hour of Code


Hour of Code Information and FAQ 

You can learn more about the Hour of Code, read a FAQ, and register your classroom in the worldwide event by visiting www.hourofcode.com 

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