Family Resources

A Parent's Guide to Facebook

We want to provide a guide for parents to use as a tool for helping their students in this "digital" world.  Parents are encouraged to take a look at the document included with this post – “A Parents’ Guide to Facebook.”  It provides good ideas and recommendations for parents to best help their child make safe and responsible use of social networking.  As with any report or online recommendation, parents are also encouraged to read and look into other resources as well.  This will help all make the most informed decisions regarding their child’s use of this kind of new media.  

Some of the topics addressed are:

•    Student safety

•    Student Privacy

•    How to work with your student openly

•    Student Reputation

•    Basic use of Facebook for all

•    “Friending”

•    Handling problems

The decision to use Facebook is a family and parental decision.  This document merely provides parents with the information to help them understand and make the most informed decision for their family.  If any parent has any questions about any facet of utilizing technology, they can always contact Scott McDaniel, our district Technology Director.