kindergarten standards - social studies

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Kindergarten Learning Standards - Social Studies

These are from the Washington State Learning Standards


  • (1.1.1) Understands the key ideals of justice and fairness within the context of the classroom community.
  • (1.1.2) Applies the ideals of justice and fairness when making choices or decisions in the classroom or on the playground.
  • (1.2.1) Remembers the people who make and carry out rules in the classroom and school.
  • (1.2.2) Understands the purpose of rules in the classroom and school.


  • (4.1.1) Understands and creates timelines to show personal events in a sequential manner.

Social Studies Skills

  • (5.1.1) Understands one’s point of view.
  • (5.1.2) Evaluates the fairness of one’s point of view.
  • (5.2.1) Understands how to ask questions about the classroom and school community.
  • (5.3.1) States own viewpoints and listens to viewpoints of others.
  • (5.4.1) Retells and explains personal history.