Teacher/Principal Evaluation Project

(Below you will find a summary of TPEP and Overview, AWSP Framework, and Danielson Framework)

Washington is one of 31 states to change educator evaluation laws over the past three years. The Washington State Legislature passed E2SSB 6696 in 2010 that created the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Pilot (TPEP) and TPEP Steering Committee.

TPEP is led by these six Core Principles

  1. Quality teaching and leading is critically important.
  2. Professional learning is a key component of an effective evaluation system.
  3. Teaching and leading is work done by a core team of professionals.
  4. Evaluation systems should reflect and address the career continuum.
  5. An evaluation system should consider and balance “inputs or acts” with “outputs or results."
  6. Teacher and principal evaluation models should coexist within the complex relationship between district systems and negotiations.

TPEP has created a statewide website to support this process. You can find detailed information on TPEP, AWSP, Danielson, and much more by visiting

TPEP Overview

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Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP)Framework.

The AWSP Leadership Framework was designed to promote the growth of the principal in areas that are most likely to result in increased student achievement. It directly aligns with Washington state evaluation criteria, rules and regulations.

Framework Structure

The centerpiece of AWSP’s Leadership Framework is eight chapters, each devoted to one of Washington’s eight principal evaluation criteria.

The Leadership Framework is organized by criterion and includes the following:

  •  Reflection Considerations. Ideas to help spur discussion between principal and supervisor during the initial evaluation. 
  •  Resources.Now an online Resource Library with hundreds of books, surveys, case studies, best practices and more. 
  •  Rubrics. At-a-glance look at the elements supporting each criterion. Download the Rubrics | PDF
  •  Appendices. The appendices include research supporting the criteria and ISSLC Standard comparison information. (

Danielson Framework (Click Here for Framework)

The Framework for Teaching, created by Charlotte Danielson,is a comprehensive and coherent framework that identifies those aspects of a teacher’s responsibilities that have been documented through empirical studies and theoretical research as promoting improved student learning. The Framework for Teaching is a validated” instrument; that is, studies have shown that teachers who receive higher ratings on their evaluation produce greater gains in student test scores. (Cite: