Nutrition services student programs

Sodexo Nutrition Services sponsors a variety of culinary programs for students across the district. Below are a list of competitions, events, and awards sponsored by Sodexo.  Click the links below to view additional information, videos and photos of the these events. 

BBQ Schedule

  • Join your student at their annual school barbecue! BBQ pricing does include meal benefits, if your student is approved. Without approval, pricing is: $ 2.50 primary students, $ 2.75 middle school students, and $ 3.15 high school students. Adult lunch is $ 3.65.  Barbecues are held during their lunch period on these scheduled dates:
    • To Be Scheduled - Captain Strong
    • To Be Scheduled - Pleasant Valley Middle
    • To Be Scheduled - Amboy Middle
    • To Be Scheduled - Tukes Valley
    • To Be Scheduled - Pleasant Valley Primary
    • To Be Scheduled - Laurin Middle
    • To Be Scheduled - Chief Middle
    • To Be Scheduled - CAM
    • To Be Scheduled - Glenwood Heights
    • To Be Scheduled - Daybreak 
    • To Be Scheduled - Maple Grove K8
    • To Be Scheduled - Yacolt Primary

Future Chefs

  • Annual competition for third and fourth grade students. 
  • Wednesday, March 15th!

Performance Zone

  • Sodexo national recognition award for students supporting their school and/or community. 

School Culinary Competition

  • Annual high school culinary competition in SW Washington.