Alcohol and Drug Prevention

The Battle Ground Public Schools Drug Prevention Education/Intervention Program, which meets federal goals, offers counseling to students affected by their own drug use or others in their lives, and seeks to prevent such use by students not yet affected.

The district has prevention/intervention specialists at each secondary school who offer individual counseling as well as group support sessions for students, such as smoking-cessation classes at the high schools.

Prevention-education classes offered to younger students are aimed at preventing experimentation with tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Trainers visit all fifth and seventh-grade classrooms and conduct five sessions filled with facts on drug use, skill-building, and role-playing activities aimed at avoiding use.

In grades K-4, the prevention classes are based on the Learning to be a Healthy Kid curriculum, which includes appropriate storybooks common to primary school libraries. In grades five and seven, the prevention classes are based on Life Skills and a variety of other prevention material that has proven effective for middle school students. Upon request, an extensive list of videos, books, and guest speakers are available for teachers and parents.

Director Dr. Jill Smith supervises the Prevention/Intervention Program at the district level, and can be contacted at (360) 885-5414 or via e-mail: You can also contact your Prevention/Intervention Specialist by calling your middle or high school.

Battle Ground Public Schools are tobacco-free, drug-free, and weapons-free facilities.
Tobacco-Free Zone RCW 28A.210.310
Drug-Free Zone RCW 69.50.435
Weapons-Free Zone RCW 9.41.280


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