CASEE is committed to providing campus access to all Battle Ground School District students!

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch

Every October CASEE students set up and host a pumpkin patch for kindergarten students throughout the district. They decorate the shop with maple branches from the forest and corn stalks from the garden to give it a special fall feel where they set up and host learning stations about various science standards. Students bring their own livestock to share with younger students in our barn and aviary in order to teach them about the animals that provide us with food and fiber. Finally kindergartners travel to the magical CASEE pumpkin patch in our west forest were they get to pick out their perfect pumpkin to take home with them.


Activities include:

CASEE Wildlife, Colors in Nature, What tree am I, Amphibian Habitats, Fruit or Vegetable, Textures of Nature, Macro Count, Chicken and Egg, Small animal Petting Zoo, Large Animal Walk-thru, Apple snacks, Pumpkin Patch & CASEE Class Photo Wagon.

Next Generation Science Standards

CASEE strives to provide quality science education field trips that focus on Next Generation Science Standards to supplement classroom science kits. Here are a list of learning stations, their focus idea and the corresponding NGSS code.

Amphibians = ESS3.C as found in K-ESS2-2 and K-ESS2-3 & ETS1.B as found in K-2-ETS1-2

Big Idea: Amphibians need a lot of water in their environment because most of their life cycle is in the water!

What tree am I? = ESS3.A as found in K-ESS3-1

Big idea: Products made from trees make our lives more comfortable, these are some common native trees and their uses!

CASEE Wildlife = ESS2.E as found in K-ESS2-2

Big Idea: These are the animals that live in the CASEE forest because it has the food, water and other resources they need to live.

Chicken & the Egg = LS1.C as found in K-LS1-1 & ESS3.A as found in K-ESS3-1

Big idea: All animals need food, water and air to live and grow. They obtain their food from plants and other animals.

Large animals = ESS3.C as found in K-ESS2-2 and K-ESS2-3

Big Idea: Large scale agriculture allows us to live comfortably but has some negative effects on the world. What choices can we make to reduce our impact on the land, eater, air and other living things.


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