Curriculum adoptions

Battle Ground Public Schools regularly adopts new curricula to replace old/outdated materials or materials that are no longer available due to licensing changes. Committees of teachers, administrators and community members review the options and select a few to pilot.

When the pilots are completed in the spring, there is an opportunity for parents, guardians, staff and community members to offer additional feedback. Finally, the board of directors votes to approve the new curriculum.


Curriculum Adoption Coordinator Amy Fredericks

Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Allison Tuchardt

Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction David Cresap

Adoptions in progress

Science (grades 6-8)

Materials being piloted:

  • Stemscopes
  • Amplify

Science (grades 9-12)

Materials being piloted:

  • McGraw-Hill
  • Savvas
  • National Geographic

Social studies (grades 9-12)

Materials being piloted:

  • McGraw-Hill
  • TCI

Review science and social studies textbooks
You are invited to provide input on potential new textbooks. If approved, the textbooks would be used beginning in the 2024-25 school year for the following Advanced Placement science and social studies courses:

  • AP Government and Politics
  • AP World History
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP U.S. History
  • AP Biology
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Chemistry

Get details on how to review and provide feedback.

Previous adoptions


Social and emotional learning helps students navigate their emotions, gain self-awareness, meet behavioral expectations, make good decisions and establish healthy connections to one another. Learn more.

Curriculum adoption:

  • Character Strong—kindergarten through eighth grade

Preview Character Strong

Anyone can create an account! Visit the Character Strong website.


English language arts webinar 

View the webinar PDF slide deck
View questions and answers
Watch the recorded webinar

Curricula adoptions:

  • Sixth through eighth grades — Common Lit 360
  • Kindergarten through fifth grade Great Minds: Wit & Wisdom, plus:
    • FUNdations (K-3)
    • Geodes (K-2)

Preview CommonLit 360

View the lessons: CommonLit 360 Link
Password: commonlitdemo123
Please do not assign any additional lessons to this demo account. After logging in, go to the far left and click on “Browse Content.” Then select “360 Curriculum.”

Preview Great Minds, Wit & Wisdom & FUNdations


Curricula adoptions:

  • Fifth grade — Savvas 
  • Sixth grade — TCI
  • Eighth grade — TCI


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