Positive outcomes for each student

Believing that every person brings value and has the capacity to do great things, we will reach each and every student academically, socially and emotionally to ensure their success in life.

Equity is providing the tools that each person needs to be successful by ensuring that all students and staff have the opportunity, access, resources and support they need.

Equity is about:

  • Addressing the specific abilities and needs of each person
  • Working to eliminate barriers to learning
  • Implementing policies and procedures that ensure fair outcomes
  • Understanding and celebrating differences

In BGPS, we believe that our differences make us stronger and more resilient. We want our students, staff, volunteers and community to understand that each person is valued and important.

We want to hear from you

Dialogue with our community is important to our equity efforts.

Equity takes many forms in BGPS, and we continue seeking to improve outcomes for students and staff.

Creating a safe and caring environment where students, staff and families feel
supported, valued and heard is part of the district’s strategic plan.

In addition, strong social and emotional skills in students is one of the goals of our approach to teaching and learning.

Battle Ground Public Schools has implemented Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports, or PBIS, at all schools in support of its focus on social and emotional learning. With PBIS, staff teach behavioral expectations to students just as they would any core subject, and reinforce those expectations with specific acknowledgement systems.

Through social and emotional learning, students learn how to navigate their emotions, gain selfawareness, meet behavioral expectations, make good decisions, respect one another and establish healthy connections to one another. Battle Ground is currently in the process of adopting a new social and emotional curriculum. The process includes gathering input from parents, guardians, community members, teachers and staff. Learn more.

Our Family and Community Resource Center helps families faced with housing instability and other economic challenges. Get the details.

Our English learner program assists students in obtaining English language proficiency to reach academic success. Find out about services.

Battle Ground Public Schools provides special education and related services in all schools to eligible children and youths with disabilities, from birth through 21. We believe in educating students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Each student has access to an appropriate learning environment and an opportunity for education with students who are not disabled to the maximum extent appropriate. Learn about special education services.

Heritage days and months acknowledge contributions by people from all cultures to U.S. and world history, education, arts, politics, science, social justice and more. While we acknowledge that these contributions are not limited to a single day or month, BGPS observes different recognition days and months as a celebration of the strengths, differences, beauty and successes of people in our district, community, state, nation and world.

Staff are trained to avoid biases when screening and hiring for positions.

As outlined in Washington state law, staff and board members receive training on cultural competency, diversity, equity and/or inclusion. Learn about the requirements.

BGPS is a member of the NAACP Vancouver’s education committee.


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