Annual Facilities Maintenance

Battle Ground Public Schools spends millions each year to preserve taxpayers’ investment in the community’s schools. Through regular maintenance, the district has been able to extend the life of each building beyond its expected lifespan.

Facilities Planning

Battle Ground Public Schools has a short-range plan for deferred maintenance and projects that maintain and improve existing facilities, a long-range plan that considers future needs, and a state-mandated Capital Facilities Plan.

Many of the projects will strengthen the security at older school buildings and increase student safety. Some projects will update buildings and extend their life by replacing roofs and HVAC systems, painting, remodeling bathrooms, repairing covered walkways, and replacing siding, worn out floor coverings, and aging countertops. Other projects will enhance the learning environment with updated technology infrastructure, new lighting, and covered play areas.


CampusLocationProjectStatus as of 2/1/24
District-wideParking lot maintenanceCompleted
Technology improvementsCompleted
District StadiumRefurbish seats, stairs, railingsCompleted
Replace outdoor "visitor" bleachersCompleted
Amboy Middle SchoolMain buildingInstall secure card entryCompleted
CampusSecurity fencingCompleted
CampusCovered play area
GymnasiumNew roofCompleted
GymnasiumNew floorCompleted
CampusPave existing walking path
Battle Ground High SchoolMain buildingRevise main entry security
Main buildingInstall secure card entry
Main buildingReplace entry roofing
Main buildingReplace cooling tower
Main buildingReplace classroom and hallway carpetsCompleted
Main buildingLibrary RemodelCompleted
CampusSecurity fencingCompleted
GymnasiumReplace bleacher seats in the "Cage"Completed
GymnasiumRepair epoxy flooring in locker roomsCompleted
CASEEA, B, C buildingsReplace carpet"A" Complete
A, B, C buildingsInstall secure card entry
A buildingReplace six heat pumps
Captain Strong PrimaryMainReplace office cabinetsCompleted
MainRevise main entry securityCompleted
MainInstall secure card entryCompleted
MainReplace classroom carpetCompleted
CampusSecurity fencingCompleted
CampusPaved new walking path
Chief Umtuch MiddleMainReplace flooring in entryCompleted
MainInstall secure card entryCompleted
CampusSecurity fencingCompleted
Daybreak schoolsMainPaint exteriorCompleted
MainInstall secure card entryCompleted
CampusSecurity fencingCompleted
GymRefinish floorCompleted
Glenwood Heights PrimaryMainRevise main entry securityCompleted
CampusSecurity fencingCompleted
Laurin Middle SchoolB BuildingStructural OH repairsCompleted
Music/ GymRecoat roofsCompleted
CampusHook up to sewer systemCompleted
CampusReplace roof on covered walkway
CampusPaint exterior
CampusSecurity FencingCompleted
CampusAdditional ParkingCompleted
LewisvilleFood ServicesNew roofCompleted
A BuildingNew roofCompleted
River HomeLinkOfficeReplace office HVAC systemCompleted
MainReplace carpetCompleted
MainRevise main entry securityCompleted
GymRefinish floorCompleted
Maple Grove PrimaryMainInstall secure card entryCompleted
MainReplace classroom carpetCompleted
MainReplace boilers in east wingCompleted
MainLower Kindergartner sinksCompleted
MainReplace 2 each rooftop HVAC units
CampusRevise parking lotCompleted
CampusCovered Play areaCompleted
CampusSecurity FencingCompleted
Small GymReplace flooring
Prairie High SchoolMainReplace lighting in auditoriumCompleted
MainRevise main entry security
CampusSecurity FencingCompleted
CampusNew carpetCompleted
CampusRepair covered walkway decking
CampusAsphalt fire lanes
400 buildingReplace roof
GymsRefinish North Gym FloorCompleted
GymsCoat roofs
GymsReplace HVAC
TrackInstall bleachers
Pleasant Valley schoolsPrimary & MiddleRecoat roofCompleted
Primary & MiddleRevise main entry securityCompleted
CampusSecurity fencingCompleted
CampusNew Reader BoardCompleted
CampusReplace floor - Large GymCompleted
CampusReplace HVAC controlsCompleted
Large GymReplace basketball hoopsCompleted
Tukes Valley schoolsMainInstall secure card entryCompleted
CampusSecurity fencingCompleted
Yacolt PrimaryMainRemodel restroomsCompleted
MainInstall secure card entryCompleted
MainRevise main entry securityCompleted
MainReplace carpet in classrooms
MainReplace hallway flooring
CampusSecurity fencingCompleted
CampusCovered Play areaCompleted
CampusPave existing walking path

Long-range Facilities Plan

The BGPS Board of Directors approved the Long-range Facilities Plan on June 13, 2016. The plan was developed over the past 18 months by the Facilities Improvement Team (FIT), a group of community volunteers and district staff. FIT members used local and state data, community input, and expert consultation to develop the plan. The plan provides information and guidance on appropriate facilities for educational instruction. It aligns with the district’s strategic plan and includes funding considerations, educational enhancements, maintenance, construction of new facilities, replacement and renovations of current facilities and appropriate upgrades. Facility Improvement Team (FIT) members identified more than 25 specific projects and prioritized them into three phases over the next 18 years. View the plan by clicking the image below.

Final Long-range Plan

The Battle Ground Public Schools Long-Range Facilities Plan (PDF) covers funding considerations for new construction and building refurbishment, eligibility for state assistance, educational needs, maintenance, and future needs.

Guide to Long-Range Facilities Plan

Guide to Long-Range Facilities PlanThe Guide to the Long-Range Facilities Plan shares a succinct summary of the plan, as well as an FAQ.

Capital Facilities Plan 2015-2021

The Capital Facilities Plan 2015-2021 is designed to meet the requirements of the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) and identifies additional school facilities necessary to meet to educational needs of the growing student populations. Battle Ground Public Schools has prepared this plan to provide information to Clark County, the City of Battle Ground, and the Town of Yacolt. The plan includes a schedule and financing plan, including impact fees, for capital improvements over the next six years. View the plan by clicking the image below.

Capital Facilities Plan


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