COVID-19 and the impact on facility use

Earlier this year, Governor Inslee prohibited public school districts across the state from conducting in-person educational, recreational, or other school programs in their school facilities. This proclamation was extended through the rest of the 2019-20 school year. School districts were only allowed to provide in-person education services if they were “essential and necessary under state and federal law.” Governor Inslee has instructed school districts to “plan for the potential extension of these prohibitions into the summer and fall of 2020.”

We hope that the prohibition is not extended into the next school year. This would allow the district to resume most in-person services and programs to our students and families. To increase the chance of this happening, the district has made the difficult decision to not accept or approve outside facility use of our indoor facilities until Phase 4 of Governor Inslee’s Safe Start Reopening Plan. Even if in-person services and programs return in 2020-21, the district expects that it will need to implement social distancing and hygiene practices. To prepare for this, the district needs to prioritize developing new procedures and making physical changes inside our buildings. The district does not have the available resources to divert to managing facilities used by outside groups.

When circumstances improve, the district may allow some use of its indoor facilities. Any change to the use of indoor facilities, however, will be made by the district and may not be tied to any phase of the Governor’s “Safe Start” plan.

For outdoor fields, the district will accept applications as follows on August 1st, 2020:

  • The district will accept applications for the use of outdoor fields. Applications for all fields will be approved based on the “Safe Start” phase guidelines and consultation with the District’s insurance carrier
  • All facility users will be required to provide a written “return to play” COVID-19 safety plan with their application. The safety plan must include but is not limited to:1. Attestation and contact tracing plan, including daily temperature checks and specific COVID questions answered every day your group uses Battle Ground Public Schools facilities. Required questions are included in this COVID-19 Attestation form.
    2. Handwashing/sanitization
    3. Social distancing
    4. Wearing masks
  • Requests that conflict with the district’s use of the fields will be declined.

Due to cleaning and disinfecting concerns, building or portable restrooms will not be available until further notice.

The district’s priority is preparing for students to return safely in-person to schools next year. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these challenging times.

To recap, the following documents are required at the time of application submission for facility use:

1. Facility Use Application
2. Certificate of Insurance naming Battle Ground Public Schools (PO Box 200 Battle Ground, WA 98604) as an additional insured.
3. COVID-19 Attestation form
4. Return to Play Safety Plan
5. $10.00 Application Fee

Our Facility Use team is here to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out by emailing



1 Rental of BG Schools’ Facilities and Fields
2 Rental applications, regulations and information:
3 Frequently Asked Questions

Athletic fields are among various school district facilities for rent to the public.

Rental of BG Schools’ Facilities and Fields

Have questions? Call us at (360) 885-6569 or email us at

Click here to view the calendar of current public events

The facilities of Battle Ground Public Schools may be rented for community purposes, provided such uses do not interfere with educational or district programs. District facilities are provided primarily for the education of students. That use always will be given first priority. The school district welcomes the use of its facilities by members of the surrounding community for various types of activities, which must be consistent with the best interests of the district and not interfere with the regular conduct of the educational program.

The process begins with the Facility-Use Application (link below). Please allow a minimum of ten (10) working days for processing. All information is mandatory. Incomplete information will delay processing. Approval/disapproval will be issued not later than two weeks after application is received. Please do not call the district’s facility scheduling office and ask for immediate verbal verification or availability/confirmation.

Applications for use received before August 31 for the coming school year will be addressed after September 15 in the order they are received. Applications for facility use that involve unusual circumstances (auditoriums, athletic fields, special equipment and services, etc.) must be made 30 calendar days in advance of the planned date of use. All Facility-Use Applications must be signed by an authorized representative of the group applying for use who is at least 21 years of age.

Due to the significant wear and potential for damage to district facilities, certain activities are not allowed indoors for purposes of facility rental. As of October 2019, indoor baseball and/or softball are no longer approved activities for facility rental purposes. Outdoor rentals for baseball/softball are still available during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Rental applications, regulations and information:

Facility Use Application

Current Fee Schedule

Facility-Use Handbook

Insurance Requirements

Gym-Use Regulations

Baseball- and Softball-Field Regulations

Play-Field Regulations

Head-Injury and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Requirements

Prairie High School Auditorium Regulations

Contact the Facility Rentals Office: (360) 885-6569, or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the appropriate category from the options below. For all other questions, please consult our Facility Use Handbook or call the facilities-rental office at (360) 885-6569.


How many auditoriums are in the District?

One, at Prairie High School.

What are the auditorium-use requirements?

Please see the Prairie High School Auditorium Facility Use Regulations.

Can my group bring props into the auditorium for use?


Birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations

I would like to hold a birthday party/other personal celebration at a school. What is the cost?

Family reunions, wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc., are not considered appropriate for facility rentals.


Our church would like to rent a school for services. What is the cost?
Please see the Fee Schedule for costs. If you remain interested, please submit a Facility Use Request Application. You will be contacted within ten (10) business days of submittal to begin discussing service details and possible building visits/tours. Contracts are written on a school year basis, running September 1 to August 31, when all contracts expire. Please provide three weeks’ written notice if you wish to cancel a contract prior to August 31.

May we advertise our services being held at the school?
Advertising material of any kind shall not be distributed or posted in the school buildings or on school premises without prior approval of Battle Ground Public Schools. You are allowed to post church signage on district property the day before and the day of your service(s) so long as the signage does not cover any school signage. Church signage must be removed from district property at the conclusion of your service(s).


How do I rent field space from the school district?
Fields are available with priority given to school activities followed by Battle Ground Community Education activities; youth sports groups, and then adult sports groups. If you are seeking field space and a majority of your players are Battle Ground Public Schools students, you may submit a Facility Use Request Application for consideration. Insurance and concussion compliance documents are required as well. See separate links.

May our league store equipment on site while using the fields?

I need to place a porta-potty on district property for my league players to use. What do I do?
Each group must obtain permission from Building Rentals by calling (360) 885-6569 before a chemical toilet may be placed onsite. The porta-potty must be well marked with both the company name and telephone number, must be chained to a fence by the delivery driver, and must be well maintained. In case of vandalism, the district will call the user group and expects the user group to contact the chemical toilet company for a swift and thorough clean up.

May I bring my dog/other pet to my child’s soccer game?
Only certified service animals are permitted on school district property.

I live near a school. May I practice my golf swing in the fields?

What are the field-use requirements?
Field-use guidelines can be found here.


Does the district rent facilities for fundraisers?
Games of chance, lotteries, raffles, etc. are not allowed on district property except for fundraising events of the district parent-teacher organizations or student organizations, as permitted under state law. Rummage sales are not considered appropriate for rental.

General information

Will my event be canceled if it snows?
If schools close early or for the entire day, your event will be canceled.

How do I get into the building for my event?
A custodian will unlock the facility for you. Keys to buildings or facilities are not issued to organizations renting facilities.

Are tennis courts available for community use?
Yes, so long as they are not in use by high school teams.

May I rent a kitchen at a school?
Yes. However, arrangements will need to be made for a food service staff person to be on site at an hourly rate.

How do I cancel a reservation?
Please contact Facility Use at (360) 885-6569 at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled date. Cancellation fee may apply if no notice is given.

May I rent a classroom for a meeting?
Generally, no. Meetings usually are assigned to media centers or common areas.

Gym rentals

Do you rent the gyms for adult basketball play/practice?
Yes. However, priority is given to school activities followed by Community Education activities, youth sports groups, and then adult sports groups.

Do you allow outdoor sports to use the gyms during the winter months?
For conditioning purposes only. No outdoor sports equipment is allowed indoors.

What equipment is available in the gym?
Schools will provide ONLY basketball hoops and the facility itself.


How many stadiums does the district have?
One, which is on the Battle Ground High School campus.

What are the stadium-use guidelines?
A facility-use application must be approved before use and stadium use shall be in accordance with the following conditions:

  • No vehicles of any kind on the stadium field or track (includes carts).
  • No cleats on the stadium field or track. Gym shoes or turf shoes only.
  • No equipment on stands or legs on the stadium turf field.
  • No benches on stadium turf.
  • No food or drink on the stadium field or track. This includes seeds and gum.
  • Use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and narcotics is not allowed on district property.
  • Glass containers and bottles are not allowed.
  • Boisterous or ribald conduct and/or use of profane or other improper language are not allowed on district property.
  • Fireworks are not allowed in the stadium or on District property.
  • Use of the concessions is not allowed, unless previously arranged with facility use office.
  • Backpacks, individual coolers, ice chests, and large food/beverage containers are not allowed.
  • Animals, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed in the stadium.
  • Distribution of sales material is not allowed.
  • The Facility Use Office or ASB Office must approve all half-time shows.


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