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February 2024 Employee Recognition Awards

From left: Erika Bolliger, Deputy Superintendent Shelly Whitten, Mariah Dawson, Tiffany Vidovic and Margarita Johnson. Not pictured: Jodi Riley.

February 2024 Employee Recognition Awards

The Employee Recognition Awards highlight staff members who embody the district’s values and commitment to student learning. Nominations are open to every staff member in Battle Ground Public Schools. The selection criteria include commitment to the district’s mission, contribution to a safe environment, support for high-quality instruction and collaborative behavior demonstrating trust and respect. Congratulations to the February Employee Recognition Award recipients!

Erika Bolliger, teacher, Maple Grove Primary School
Erika consistently goes the extra mile to ensure students feel safe and valued at Maple Grove. Erika makes students feel special every day they enter their school. Students affectionately refer to her as the “safety queen” and eagerly anticipate seeing her because she brings smiles and a sense of security. Entrusting kindergartners to school can be daunting, but knowing Miss Erika is there assures parents they’re in good hands, where they’ll feel valued, respected and seen.

Mariah Dawson, paraeducator, Daybreak Primary School
Mariah embodies dedication, empathy and nurturing care in her role. She actively involves peers in specialists and recesses while working with her students, fostering a sense of community. Her presence is eagerly anticipated by students across different classes, thanks to her positive attitude and commitment to their success. Mariah diligently implements instruction and individualized education plan goals set by teachers, ensuring all students thrive. Not afraid to seek administrative support in challenging situations, she demonstrates both humility and strength. Mariah’s work ethic, kindness and unwavering commitment to students at Daybreak Primary are truly admirable.

Margarita Johnson, teacher and administrative intern, Laurin Middle School
Margarita shines as a pillar of support in her community. Her personalized approach to connecting with students, teachers and staff is exemplary. Margarita fosters genuine relationships and offers uplifting encouragement to all. With a deep understanding of diverse perspectives, she helps others broaden their empathy. Daily Margarita invests in students’ individual training goals, ensuring their engagement and growth. Balancing her role as a resource teacher with pursuing an administrator degree, she juggles multiple responsibilities seamlessly. Despite her busy schedule, Margarita consistently delivers top-notch instruction, collaborates across disciplines, seeks personal growth and supports students with diverse needs.

Jodi Riley, teacher, Battle Ground High School
Jodi is truly remarkable in her role. She goes above and beyond to ensure that the children under her care have all the necessary supplies and support. Her dedication is evident as she tirelessly manages various tasks and responsibilities, earning admiration from all around. Jodi not only makes activities enjoyable for the kids but also ensures they offer valuable learning experiences, fostering their independence. It’s clear that Jodi deserves far more recognition for her outstanding contributions.

Tiffany Vidovic, teacher, Captain Strong Primary School
Miss Tiff, fondly known by the students, has significantly impacted the school environment. Her dedication in her special education classroom has transformed students’ experiences, encouraging them to thrive. Many families have seen positive changes in their children’s attitudes toward school due to Tiffany’s caring and respectful approach. Her commitment extends beyond classroom hours; she sacrifices personal time to support both students and the broader school community. Tiffany’s problem-solving attitude and consistent relationships with students garner respect from all. Moreover, her influence extends to her staff, fostering a culture of support and care school-wide. We recognize and appreciate Mrs. Tiff and her team for their invaluable contributions to our school.

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