Graduation Requirements

Battle Ground Public Schools Graduation Requirements

The Battle Ground School District wants the best for its student’s success at whatever they choose to do in life. To insure this success, our students and parents must be familiar with the three statewide graduation requirements established by the Washington State Board of Education. The district has further defined these requirements.

Each student must successfully:

  • Earn a Certificate of Academic Achievement by meeting state assessment requirements
  • Develop and regularly update a High School and Beyond Plan
  • Earn 23 credits

High School and Beyond Plan

Using “Career Cruising”, a web-based portfolio system, each student will complete a High School and Beyond Plan which includes career research, post-secondary planning, and samples of best work from high school assignments or projects and/or extra-curricular activities. The student portfolio includes a detailed plan for meeting the high school graduation requirements and a plan for the year after graduation. Contact your high school for additional information about the High School and Beyond Plan requirements. For more information on the High School and Beyond Plan please visit the OSPI webpage.

BGPS Graduation Requirements

    Subject   Credits
Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II or equivalent )  3
 Science (including 2 lab credit)  3
 Social Studies (World History, US History, or Civics and Global Topics or equivalent)   3
 Health & Fitness
 .5 Health
1.5 Fitness
 Arts 2
Personalized Pathway/World Language 2
 Occupational Education/ CTE  1
 Electives 4
 Total Requirements  24

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