High School Credit Opt-In Requests

High school level courses taken during middle school may be added to a student’s high school transcript and applied to the student’s graduation requirements.

In accordance with Battle Ground School District Policy No. 2410P, upon receipt of the completed form below, the high school principal and/or counselor will review the information and make a determination about whether or not credit will be granted. Once that determination has been made, this course will be transcribed to your high school transcript. This will affect your cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). Note: Per OSPI transcript requirements, once this process is completed, students may not amend their high school transcript. Courses MAY NOT be removed from the high school transcript at any time.

BGSD Policy No. 2410P
Period of Eligibility to Earn Credits
Generally, credit towards high school graduation will be earned in grades nine through twelve. However, upon request, the district may award high school credit towards fulfilling graduation requirements to a student who has completed high school courses while in middle school if one of the following applies:

A. The course was taken with high school students, and the student successfully passed the same course requirements and examinations as the high school students enrolled in the class; or
B. The course taught at the middle school level has been determined by the district to be similar or equivalent to a course taught at the high school level.

If you would like to have your student’s high school credit (earned at the middle school) posted to the high school transcript, please complete this form and turn it in to the counseling department at your student’s high school.


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