High School Health

High School Health Requirement

Students are required to take one semester (0.5 credit) of health to graduate from high school. This course requirement cannot be waived. Health courses include instruction in comprehensive sexual health education; however, parents can choose to opt out their student(s) from this instruction by unit. The units cover:

  • Unit 1: Anatomy, Reproduction and Pregnancy
  • Unit 2: Puberty and Development
  • Unit 3: Self-Identity
  • Unit 4: Prevention of Pregnancy
  • Unit 5: Prevention of STDs, HIV and AIDS
  • Unit 6: Healthy Relationships
  • Unit 7: Washington State Law

Curriculum Review and Opt-Out process

Parents of high school students enrolled in Health courses will have the opportunity to review the sexual health curriculum and opt out their high school child(ren) from any of the specific units. The curricula review and an online opt out form are available to parents 30 days prior to when the sxual health material is taught in Health courses. Students who are opted out of these lessons will be given an alternative, required health assignment.

To review the curriculum AND opt out, visit the password-protected webpage (the password is highschool): High School Sexual Health Curriculum.

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See High School Course Guide for full descriptions

New Legislation: Senate Bill 5395, Comprehensive Sexual Health Education

Senate Bill 5395, passed by the Legislature and Washington voters in 2020, requires public schools to phase in comprehensive sexual health education (CSHE) for grades 4-12, and a social emotional focus in grades K-3. The law provides for flexibility in regards to when sexual health is first taught (either grade 4 or grade 5). Battle Ground Public Schools has decided to begin the lessons in grade 5, the grade level in which human growth and development is currently taught. Battle Ground Public Schools is working on an implementation plan and will seek community input. CSHE is defined in the bill as: Recurring instruction in human development and reproduction that is medically accurate, age-appropriate and inclusive of all students. Information about bill 5395 is on OSPI’s website.


AFJROTC Health and Aviation History

Provides both health and leadership principles credit with a wellness program that includes health risks, disease prevention, human growth and development, and first aid.

Family Health with Comprehensive Sexual Education

Covers nutrition, diseases, decision making, and social skills to protect health. Students learn about environmental conditions that affect human growth and development.


Provides knowledge in nutrition, fitness, making responsible decisions, communicating effectively, mental & emotional health, diseases and disorders (including HIV/AIDS), and avoiding hazardous substances.

Health with Comprehensive Sexual Education

Provides knowledge in nutrition, fitness, making responsible decisions, communicating effectively, mental & emotional health, diseases and disorders (including HIV/AIDS), avoiding hazardous substances, the human lifecycle, and comprehensive sexual health education.

Introduction to Health Sciences Careers (Year Long)

Explores the medical, dental and veterinary healthcare fields through a variety of hands-on learning: blood drives, experiments, dissections, and creating medical products. Fulfills health requirement if both semesters are passed.


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