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Nov. 8, 2018

Survey imageBattle Ground Public Schools is seeking input on the instruction of high school sexual health learning standards. Parents and community members are invited to provide input on the teaching of the Washington State Sexual Health Learning Standards in high school so that the district and Board of Directors can adopt curriculum materials that support the standards.

It is important that all parents participate in this survey.

Survey Info

The survey is online and open through Nov. 18.

It is also available in Spanish and Russian.

You will be asked to provide an email address to take the survey. The survey asks some general information questions and has 23 statements that correspond to the topics covered within the Washington State Health Education Learning Standards at the high school level. For each statement, the district would like to know the extent to which you think the learning standard should be covered in high school health classes.

A hard copy of the survey is available at the district office to take in person.


Washington State requires that high school students take a health class to graduate. Battle Ground Public Schools is updating its high school sexual health curriculum so that it meets the Washington State Learning Standards for health, is medically and scientifically accurate, and is consistent across all high schools in the district. We recognize that discussing sexual health topics in the classroom may not align with the values of some families. As a public school district, Battle Ground must comply with its policies and educational requirements set forth by the state, and will provide the opportunity for parents to opt out their children from specific topics.


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