High School Health

High School Health Requirement

Students are required to take one semester (0.5 credit) of health to graduate from high school. This course requirement cannot be waived. Health courses include instruction in Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSHE) in accordance with Washington State law; however, parents can choose to opt out their student(s) from some or all of this instruction. The high school CSHE instruction is taught primarily in Health courses but the state requires a second round of instruction. The second round will be taught as part of all the PE 2 or PE 2 equivalent courses.
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CSHE Taught in Health Courses

  • Day 1 – Climate Setting
  • Days 2-3 – Understanding Sexuality 
  • Day 4 – Healthy Relationships
  • Days 5-6 – Anatomy, Reproduction, & Pregnancy
  • Days 7-8 – Pregnancy Prevention
  • Days 9-10 – Prevention of STIs, HIV, & AIDS
  • Days 11-12 – Washington State Laws

CSHE Taught in PE 2 or PE 2 Equivalent Courses:

  • Day 1- Prevention/Contraception/HIV & AIDS
  • Day 2 – Affirmative consent, Bystander Intervention, Resources and supports

Curriculum Review and Opt-Out Process

Parents of high school students enrolled in PE/health courses will have the opportunity to review the sexual health curriculum and opt out their high school student(s) from any or all days of instruction. The curricula review and an online opt out form are available to parents September 1 – November 15 for first semester PE/health courses, and February 1 – March 31 for second semester PE/Health courses. Sexual health curriculum review options are online, in person during Parent Review Night, in person at your child’s school, or in person at the district office.

How to Access and Review the Curriculum* Online

Visit Comprehensive Health Skills for High School by Goodheart Wilcox (grades 7-12)

  • Enter the username and password to login:
    Username: battleground
    Password: bgpspublic
  • Here is a short video how to navigate the resources

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Parent Review Nights

  • Students participating in Semester 2 courses:
    Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023 – 4:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Located at Maple Grove Primary Schools’ Media Center (610 B SW Eaton Blvd)

At Your Student’s School

  • Visit your child’s school office during school hours and ask to view the curriculum. No appointment is necessary.

Make an Appointment at the District Office

  • Call Paula DeLano at 360-885-5438 to make an appointment to view course materials in the CASEE A basement between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on any school day. 
  • Located at 11104 NE 149th Street, Brush Prairie, WA 98606

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If, after reviewing the curriculum, you would like to opt-out your high school student(s) from any or all of the instruction, you will need to complete the online Opt-Out Form for High School Sexual Health located in Skyward. You will need to take action by Mar. 31, 2023. A separate form is required for each student, each semester. Students who are opted out of these lessons will be given an alternate, required health assignment.


If your child is enrolled in the following high school courses, they will be taught the Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSHE).

AFJROTC Health and Aviation History

Provides both health and leadership principles credit with a wellness program that includes health risks, disease prevention, human growth and development (including comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS), and first aid.

Family Health

Covers nutrition, diseases, decision making, and social skills to protect health. Students learn about environmental conditions that affect human growth and development (including comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS).


Provides knowledge in nutrition, fitness, making responsible decisions, communicating effectively, mental & emotional health, diseases and disorders (including HIV/AIDS), avoiding hazardous substances, the human lifecycle, and comprehensive sexual health education.

Introduction to Health Sciences Careers (Year-long)

Explores the medical, dental and veterinary healthcare fields through a variety of hands-on learning: blood drives, experiments, dissections, and creating medical products. This course includes comprehensive sexual health education. Fulfills health requirement if both semesters are passed.

PE2 Equivalent Courses

  • Body Wise
  • Basketball Skills and Competition
  • Dance
  • Total Body Fitness
  • Physical Education II
  • Soccer Speed Strength Training
  • Speed Strength Training II
  • Unified Physical Education
  • Weight Training


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