Reminder: Please choose hybrid or remote learning

Sept. 21, 2020

Dear families of Battle Ground Public Schools,

If you have not yet filled out the Learning Model Choice Form for each of your students, please do so by tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 22. We are planning for hybrid learning in hope of bringing primary school students into buildings for in-person learning beginning in October, and we need to know how many students will participate in each of the learning models in order to finalize plans and logistics.

Battle Ground Public Schools wants to provide families with the flexibility to choose from several learning options; however, that creates more complexity in planning and making decisions. As we move toward a hybrid opening, we are taking care to be thoughtful about every facet of this learning model, from staffing and parent needs to safety and support. 

We need to know how many students want to continue learning remotely, for example, so that we can make accommodations for them. Without a clear understanding of the numbers, it is difficult to make plans and staff for the needs of our families. 

Transition Plan

As long as the number of COVID-19 cases in Clark County remains in the moderate zone, the district’s goal is to conduct in-person orientations for primary students the first week of October. In that first week, primary students would attend their school in-person for one partial day to learn about hybrid school practices and health requirements. Then beginning Oct. 12, primary students would attend school on a hybrid learning schedule. In November, as long as the number of positive COVID-19 cases remains in the moderate zone, it is our goal to bring middle and high school students back to buildings for in-person learning.

In preparation for the transition, we need parents and guardians to complete the Learning Model Choice Form for all K-12 students (except River HomeLink and Summit View). Please complete the form once for each of your students, or call your school if you are unable to access the form. PLEASE NOTE that students who continue participating in remote learning through their neighborhood school may have a change in teacher(s). This change may be necessary to provide direct instruction to students participating in hybrid learning and students in remote learning.

Thank you for patience. Our objective is to provide a safe and engaging educational environment in which our students will progress toward their academic goals. Parents are a big part of that objective, and we thank you for helping us.

Thank you, 

Battle Ground Public Schools


Since asking families last week to make a decision about which learning model they will choose, we have received many questions. We understand that having additional details will help our families to make a decision about which model is right for you. With this in mind, we have included an FAQ below to provide as much information as is available at this stage in the planning process. Please note that some details could change as we learn how many students opt for each learning model. Also, many of our decisions are based on ever-changing state requirements. 

What is the hybrid learning schedule?
While the details are still being finalized, in general: 

  • Last names A-L attend in person on Monday and Tuesday, five hours each day
  • Last names M-Z attend in person on Thursday and Friday, five hours each day
  • During the other 3 days students would continue independent/asynchronous remote learning at home.

Will my child have to change teachers?
In order to accommodate the learning preferences of all of our families, it may be necessary for your child to change teachers. We want to provide students with the best educational experience we can provide. That means we will need educators to teach students who are participating in hybrid learning and those who are participating in remote learning. Because learning will occur during regular school hours, it may be necessary to assign teachers to each learning model so that all students get the opportunity to have live, teacher-led instruction.

Will students have to wear a mask all day at school?
Under current restrictions, yes. The state has mandated that students and staff wear masks in both public and private schools, with some exceptions for medical conditions. The state has said students can take designated “mask breaks,” and we are working on what those will look like at each grade level. “Mask breaks” would be facilitated by staff for students based on age-appropriate needs and with safety measures in place.

Will my child be able to socialize with their friends at school?
Students will be able to socialize within the parameters of state safety requirements. We will need to do our best to maintain 6 feet of physical distance between students in classrooms and at lunch, for example.

Will my child be able to eat lunch outside of the classroom?
We are still working on the lunch question. Where students will eat is dependent on students’ ages, staffing resources, and the capacity of lunchrooms and gym space. 

Will the district provide busing during hybrid learning?
Yes, transportation will be provided as it is during a traditional learning model. Students will be bussed to their neighborhood school and programs (Aspire, CASEE, Cascadia Tech). Students will be required to wear masks on the bus. Transportation will not be provided for students who live within a 1-mile radius of their school with walking access, nor will it be provided for ALE schools (CAM, River and Summit View). Bus routes will be posted to the district website as soon as they are available. 

Will my child need to take supplies with them to school?
Primary students will be provided with basic school supplies at school. Middle and high school students should come to school prepared to learn with writing instruments, paper and calculators. Middle school supply lists are online. All students are encouraged to bring a backpack, earbuds, and a reusable water bottle.

Why can’t middle and high school students start hybrid learning at the same time as primary students?
A conscientious and calculated transition to hybrid learning is the safest way to get students back into classrooms. Spacing the start between primary and middle/high school students will allow the district to ramp up attestation, transportation, lunch and other services and provide the opportunity to make adjustments. If something isn’t working, we want to be able to make changes so that we are doing what is best for our students.

The district is looking at opening Internet Cafes and tutoring centers at some schools for middle and high school students until hybrid learning begins for these grade levels. We will provide more information as these plans come to fruition.


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