Measles Exposure Information

Clark County Public Health has identified four Battle Ground schools as measles exposure sites


Measles alert imageClark County Public Health is investigating a measles outbreak in the community. The investigation has identified Tukes Valley Primary and Middle, Maple Grove K-8, and River HomeLink as possible measles exposure sites. Battle Ground Public Schools is working closely with Clark County Public Health and following its directives to stop transmission and prevent further exposures at the schools.

Clark County Public Health is requiring that all schools where measles exposure occured exclude from attendance all persons without documented immunity to measles from all school, child care and congregate settings until 21 days have passed since the date of last known exposure at the site.

This means that all students, staff, parents, volunteers and community members who do not have measles immunity cannot enter the building for any school, community education, facilities use, or other events held at the school until the site has been cleared by Clark County Public Health.

For more information, please call the Clark County Public Health measles investigation call center at (360) 397-8021.

Schools identified as possible measles exposure sitesLast date(s) of measles exposure21-day exclusion endsPersons without immunity may return
Maple Grove K-8Jan. 8-9Jan. 30Jan. 31*
River HomeLinkJan. 8-9Jan. 30Jan. 31*
Tukes Valley MiddleJan. 8Jan. 29Jan. 30*
Tukes Valley PrimaryJan. 8Jan. 29Jan. 30*
*Exclusion period will be extended by Clark County Public Health if another measles case occurs at the school.


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