The health and safety of our students is a top priority. To keep students, staff and families safe, Battle Ground Public Schools is following state health and safety requirements for COVID-19. Even with the end of the statewide mask mandate, the district will continue to provide enhanced cleaning and building ventilation. We are committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 in order to keep our students and staff safe.


The health of our children is important to all of us. Battle Ground Public Schools wants to assure families that it is working closely with Clark County Public Health and the Washington State Department of Health to implement best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

How it spreads

According to Clark County Public Health, the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads largely through close contact (within 6 feet) of an infected person. Similar to influenza or other respiratory viruses, it is spread most commonly through droplets when people cough, sneeze, or talk. The proper use of masking and physical distancing has been shown to limit the spread of COVID-19 in congregate settings. Vaccines are also available that can help to reduce the transmission of the virus and risk to an infected individual. Vaccination for COVID-19 is not required to attend school in the state of Washington.

COVID Safety Requirements in Schools

The district posts information about cases in schools on a COVID-19 dashboard.

General guidelines and requirements

  • Please keep your child home if they are running a fever or experiencing other symptoms of illness. See our Health and Attendance brochure and the COVID-19 Student Symptom Flow Chart for more information.
  • Students and staff who are experiencing symptoms can return to school after receiving a negative test result IF they have not had a fever within the past 24 hours without medication AND symptoms have improved.
  • Test results (positive and negative) should be reported to the nurse at your child’s school. A picture of the completed test containing your child’s name and the date is sufficient proof.
  • Masks are no longer required outside of health rooms and isolation rooms, but Battle Ground Public Schools is a mask-friendly environment and will support anyone wishing to continue wearing a mask on school grounds. We expect our students to continue to show respect for one another and the many different viewpoints that make up our community.
  • Masks are still required in school health rooms or COVID isolation rooms. These are considered healthcare settings by the Washington Department of Health.
  • Students who choose not to get tested can return to school on Day 6 IF they have not had a fever within the past 24 hours without medication AND symptoms have improved AND they wear a well-fitting mask on days 6-10.
  • Individuals who may have been a close contact of a known case are not required to isolate unless they start experiencing symptoms. Testing every 24-48 hours for 5 days after a potential exposure is recommended (NOTE: if you have recovered from a COVID-19 infection in the past 90 days, a PCR test is not recommended as results may remain persistently positive even if there is not a new, active infection.)
  • Students, children, and staff who spend time indoors with individuals at risk for getting very sick with COVID-19 should wear a well-fitting mask for 10 days after exposure.
  • Students and staff members who have been exposed to someone who tested positive may continue to take part in all in-person instruction, sports, performing arts, and other extracurricular activities, as long as they do not have symptoms or test positive.
  • When possible, a student, child, or staff member, who is continuously exposed at home, regardless of vaccination status, is recommended to test every 24-48 hours until 5 days after the last positive household member’s isolation has ended. 

What to do if you test positive

  • Students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate, regardless of vaccination status. Repeating initial tests does not change this requirement. They can return to school after 5 full days of isolation IF symptoms have improved or they are asymptomatic AND they have not had a fever within the past 24 hours without medication. Individuals should continue to wear a well-fitting mask for an additional 5 days (day 6 through 10) after returning from a 5-day isolation period. If they are unable to wear a well-fitting mask, they should continue to isolate for a full 10 days.
  • Individuals who continue to test positive using rapid antigen testing on or after day 5 should continue to isolate at home for the full 10 days before returning to school. Testing after day 10 is not recommended.
  • Schools are no longer required to contact trace and notify close contacts of individual cases with exceptions for breakouts and immunocompromised individuals.
  • The district will continue to report cases and outbreaks to our local public health authorities, per state requirements, and publish the number of cases in schools on our COVID-19 dashboard.

What families can do

Clark County Public Health advises that everyday practices to prevent colds, flu, and other respiratory illnesses can help protect people against coronaviruses, including COVID-19. The agency recommends people take the following actions to keep themselves healthy:

  • Stay home when you are sick. If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 (see the CDC’s list of COVID-19 symptoms), have not been tested for the virus, and have had no close contact of someone with COVID-19, then stay home until 5 full days after symptoms started AND at least 24 hours have passed since the fever resolved without medication AND symptoms have improved.
    See Battle Ground Public Schools’ COVID-19 Student Screening Flow Chart.
  • When you report your student’s absence, please provide details about your child’s specific symptoms.
  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. When soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes. Use a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands.
  • Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are frequently touched.

Talk with your family
Parents, please talk with your children about proper hand washing and hygiene techniques.

Talking With Children during infectious disease outbreaks (PDF) from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a good resource for talking with your children about a disease outbreak.

Thank you

Thank you for your support as we work together to keep our students healthy.


If you have children or family members with other medical conditions that put them at higher risk for the flu, talk to your healthcare provider about planning specific to your family.

If your child is showing a symptom of COVID-19, please

  1. Contact your healthcare provider
  2. Report the symptom(s) to and follow up with your school nurse or principal
  3. Refer to the COVID-19 Student Screening Flow Chart

We provide information to families via several methods:
Battle Ground website for updates
Automated phone call
Social media
BGPS Information line: (360) 885-5343

More information about district communications is on the District Communications page.

Coronavirus information

Clark County Public Health
COVID-19 cases in Clark County schools

Novel coronavirus web page

Novel coronavirus fact sheet
(Spanish) (Russian)

Washington State Department of Health
Requirements for schools

Free at-home COVID test kits

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
About Coronavirus website

Protecting Yourself and Others

Help keep our students healthy

Please keep children at home when they are sick. If your child has symptoms consistent with COVID-19, they are required to stay home and should get tested. They can return to school with a negative test result IF they have not had a fever within the past 24 hours without medication AND symptoms have improved. Students who do not get tested can return on Day 6 IF they have not had a fever within the past 24 hours without medication AND symptoms have improved AND they wear a mask through day 10.

COVID Screening Flow Chart

COVID-19 Student Screening Flow Chart (Battle Ground Public Schools PDF)

Diagrama de Sintomas de COVID-19 para Estudiantes (PDF)

Таблица симптомов COVID-19 у учащихся (PDF)

Схема скринінгу учнів на COVID-19 (PDF)

Parent Resources

Talking With Children during infectious disease outbreaks (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

When and How to Wash Your Hands (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend people wear masks to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in areas of high community transmission

School requirements during the pandemic

The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Washington Department of Health have issued requirements for schools during the public health crisis.

OSPI’s COVID-19 Guidance and Resources to School Districts

Washington state K-12 COVID-19 Requirements (PDF)


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