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Group photo of March 2024 Employee Recognition recipients

From left: Justin Swain, Lisa Cox, Dawn Hunt, Allison Bloemke, Superintendent Denny Waters and Danielle Armstrong

March 2024 Employee Recognition Awards

The Employee Recognition Awards highlight staff members who embody the district’s values and commitment to student learning. Nominations are open to every staff member in Battle Ground Public Schools. The selection criteria include commitment to the district’s mission, contribution to a safe environment, support for high-quality instruction and collaborative behavior demonstrating trust and respect. Congratulations to the March Employee Recognition Award recipients!

Danielle Armstrong, band teacher, Chief Umtuch Middle School
Danielle’s exceptional teaching has significantly impacted many students. Her ability to maintain engagement and enthusiasm among students, even through a screen during online learning in the pandemic, was nothing short of remarkable. Unlike many, Danielle possesses a unique talent for keeping students actively involved, making her sessions vibrant and effective. Her insight into students’ needs is precise, providing tailored support that encourages persistence and growth. When students consider quitting their instrument, Danielle’s encouragement and strategic advice often lead them to persevere, ultimately excelling and developing a profound skill in music. Danielle also excels in creating an environment of mutual respect and camaraderie among her students, evidenced by their collective support and celebration of one another’s achievements. Her leadership in building a strong, supportive band community at Chief is laying a solid foundation for Battle Ground High’s flourishing music program. Danielle’s dedication to her students’ growth and her contribution to their success make her an outstanding educator worthy of recognition.

Allison Bloemke, teacher, Glenwood Heights Primary
Allison epitomized the ideal kindergarten teacher for many students, leaving a significant mark on her early educational experience. Not only do students adore her while in her class, but students also continue to light up with joy at the mere sight of her in the school hallways. This teacher’s approach to education extends beyond traditional teaching methods; she genuinely cares for each student, ensuring they feel valued and supported. Her kindness and dedication have a lasting impact, creating a love of learning in her students from the outset. Allison is exceptionally approachable for parents, always willing to listen and respond to any concerns with empathy and understanding. Her responsiveness to the needs of students and families alike sets her apart, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Her ability to connect with and support her students truly makes her stand out as a remarkable teacher.

Lisa Cox, support staff, River HomeLink
Lisa Cox stands out for her exceptional dedication and support to students. Her knack for solving problems and providing unwavering support has made her an indispensable asset to the school, meriting far greater recognition than she currently receives. Over the years, Lisa has forged a meaningful personal friendship with many, reflecting her deep commitment and love for the Associated Student Body community. Her involvement with River HomeLink ASB has been longstanding, consistently proving herself as an invaluable and supportive team member. Even through challenges, Lisa’s presence has been a stabilizing force, offering guidance and care. Having previously served as the ASB adviser before transitioning to the secretary role, she has maintained her remarkable, helpful and caring approach.

Dawn Hunt, secretary, Battle Ground Virtual Academy
Dawn serves in dual capacities at BGVA, acting as both registrar and head secretary. BGVA, a new alternative school within Battle Ground Public Schools, has benefited from Dawn’s outstanding ability to handle the extensive responsibilities of supporting our administrative and classified staff and managing registrar duties. Creating a new school involves not just conceptualizing but also addressing logistical and legal challenges while establishing a positive staff environment, tasks Dawn has adeptly navigated. Her persistent drive and positive influence make her a central figure at BGVA, earning her widespread admiration for keeping the school on a path to success.

Justin Swain, custodian, Yacolt Primary
Justin is an amazing person who has jumped into his new position as head custodian at YPS with both feet. Justin starts his day early preparing the building for staff and students. His attention to detail and student first attitude has made a huge difference in our building. Justin’s willingness to jump in to help, fix, clean, move and support however and whenever needed is what keeps our building moving forward. Recently his observant eye noticed a student struggling in the cafeteria. Without hesitation, Justin saved a student from choking by performing the Heimlich maneuver. While this was a scary situation, Justin remained calm and kept the students calm as well. One hero at Yacolt wears a walkie talkie and a baseball cap and is ready to save the day at any given moment. We are so grateful to have Justin at Yacolt Primary School.

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