Preschool and Daycare

Tigerland preschools

Two community preschools called Tigerland are operated by our Battle Ground Community Education program. One is on the campus of Captain Strong Primary, 1002 N.W. Sixth Ave., Battle Ground. The other is on the Yacolt Primary campus, 406 W Yacolt Rd., Yacolt. Both preschools serve children ages 3-5.

For more information about Tigerland, call the Battle Ground Community Education office at (360) 885-6584 or visit the Tigerland web page.

Battle Ground Preschool

Battle Ground Preschool will serve children ages 3-5 beginning in fall 2020. Preschoolers will attend 11:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays on the Battle Ground High School campus. High school students interested in careers in early childhood education will help students in the preschool reach milestones. Parents interested in enrolling their children in the preschool should contact Battle Ground Public Schools at (360) 885-5359 to express interest.

Prairie Preschool

Prairie Preschool serves children ages 3-5 and is located at Prairie High School. It is an inclusive preschool that serves children with disabilities alongside their typically developing peers. High school students interested in careers in early childhood education help students in the preschool to reach milestones.

Preschools for children with special needs

Battle Ground Public Schools offers early intervention programs and services for children ages 3-5 who are identified for special services. These preschool classrooms are at Prairie High School, Daybreak Primary, Maple Grove K-8, Tukes Valley Primary, Captain Strong Primary and Yacolt Primary.

If you have a child who you think might have a disability that requires special education services, please call the district’s Special Services office at (360) 885-5318 for screening and program information. More information about the district’s program is on the Special Services web page.

Childcare resources in Clark County


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