Report School Safety Concerns

Emergencies should always be reported to 911.

Report non-emergency safety concerns online

Battle Ground Public Schools uses the Online Tip Reporting System for the anonymous reporting of non-emergency safety matters (such as bullying, intimidation, harassment, abuse, assault, weapons or drugs). We cannot look into a concern if we do not know that it exists.

The online reporting system is monitored only during school business hours.

Go to the Online Tip Reporting System to report non-emergency safety concerns.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Dial 988

Teen Talk: Talk to a trained youth peer supporter
Call 360-397-2428 or
Text 360-984-0936
Mon-Thurs 4-9 p.m. or Fri 4-7 p.m

Clark County Crisis Line:
800-626-8137 – TTY 866-835-2755

Safety in schools

  • We ask that our community be vigilant in reporting anything concerning. You can report anonymously online. Emergencies should always be reported to 911.
  • We have procedures in place for securing buildings and evacuating students during emergency events, and we practice these procedures regularly so that students and staff know what to do if an emergency happens.
  • Upgrades are currently underway to make school entries to be more secure. The upgrades vary from site to site, but the goal is to install audio/visual devices, doors, cameras and programmable software that will require visitors to communicate with office staff in order to gain entry to buildings. Office staff will be able to monitor and control access.
  • All staff must wear identification badges during the day, and visitors must check into the school office and also wear identification while on campus.
  • The district has security personnel on its high school campuses and school resource officers available to all of our schools. In the event of a threat or heightened safety concern, there may be additional security staff on campus as needed.
  • Security cameras are placed in various locations throughout the interior and exterior of our buildings.
  • A computerized phone calling system allows us to notify families about emergency situations in a timely manner.
  • One of Battle Ground Public Schools’ goals is to support the emotional and social well-being of students. The district has support services in place to both identify and help our students, including school psychologists and counselors, behavioral intervention strategies and community mental health counseling.
  • We believe that community relationships and caring adults play a big part in helping to identify youth in crisis, and have worked over the last several years to build partnerships in support of our students.

Emergency procedures

Occasionally, our schools go into lockdown. Lockdowns are performed for the safety of students and staff members. Exterior doors are locked and no one is allowed to enter or leave a building for the duration of the lockdown.

Why lockdowns happen
Lockdowns can occur for multiple reasons. Sometimes schools are put into lockdown by law enforcement as a precaution because of activity in the surrounding area that is unrelated to the school. Lockdowns often occur with little or no advance notice and are lifted within minutes. Most of the time, classes continue as usual. In these cases, the district often does not notify parents and guardians.

Communication during a lockdown
Parents and guardians also should be prepared for the possibility of a prolonged lockdown. We know that everyone wants the most immediate updates and information both during and after this kind of situation. However, calling the office or driving to the school during a lockdown can tie up staff resources and seriously impede the work of law enforcement and district security personnel.

School leaders, local law enforcement and school-safety experts have worked together to establish guidelines that balance safety with communication. During a lockdown, only limited information will be released for the safety of students, staff members and first responders. As incidents unfold, often it is difficult to verify details and facts may be delayed. News sources and information posted on social media may not always be true or up to date. We will work to provide accurate information.

In some situations, students and staff members may be discouraged from using cellphones for safety reasons.

Emergency procedures practiced in Battle Ground Public Schools

Evacuation: Students and staff calmly leave the building in an orderly manner to a designated location on campus.

Modified lockdown: Students and staff are brought inside the building; exterior doors are locked.

Full lockdown: Students and staff are brought into classrooms, classroom and exterior doors are locked, windows are covered and students remain quiet and out of sight.

Shelter-in-Place: Depending on the hazard (tornado, biological, volcano, earthquake), students either drop, cover and hold; seal the room; or move to a shelter area.

Run, Hide, Fight (code silver): Protocols endorsed by Clark County law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security for responding to a life-threatening situation in schools. Students are urged to 1) Run when it is safe to run. 2) Hide where it is safe to hide. 3) Fight if you have no other options.


Schools have established safe areas where parents can pick up their children in the event that students are evacuated off campus. Parents and guardians will be notified of the reunification location and procedures. For safety reasons, these locations are not shared in advance.

The person picking up a student must be listed on their emergency contact list and provide a photo ID with a name that matches the name on that list.


Mike Kesler, Security Supervisor
c: 360-601-5198

Mandy Waugh, Security Lead
o: 360-885-5478 c: 360-984-0244

Helpful links

Graduation safety information / District stadium restricted items

For the best experience for all of graduates and attendees, please do not bring the following items to the ceremony:

  • Artificial noisemakers, including air horns and megaphones
  • Balloons
  • Silly string
  • Beach balls
  • Food and beverages, except for water
  • Large bags and backpacks
  • Large coolers or other containers
  • Firearms, knives, explosives and other weapons
  • Large signs, flags, poles, banners and laser pointers
  • Pets, except ADA-approved service animals

Fentanyl safety

Student online safety


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