Social Emotional Learning

Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education

Battle Ground Public Schools is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, families, and staff. Our strategic goal in this focus area is to support and promote the physical, emotional, and social well-being of students and staff.

We work to accomplish this goal by

  • Teaching and supporting students through a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).
  • Providing social-emotional supports to students in the form of prevention education, counseling, positive reinforcements and interventions.
  • Connecting youth and families with needed services.
  • Increasing awareness of mental health issues among school-aged youth.
  • Providing training for school personnel, families and community members to detect and respond to mental health issues in children and young adults.

Data Collection: Creating a foundation for better schools

Each winter, Battle Ground Public Schools  administers a climate survey to students. This information, combined with results from the state Healthy Youth Survey, gives the district valuable information to identify needs and areas for support.

Students in grades 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 will be asked to participate in a brief, 15-minute school climate survey during the week of March 2-6, 2020. These surveys will be anonymous and are designed to provide information on school climate, school and community safety, and student behavior. Staff will also be asked to complete a similar online survey.

Please notify your school by March 2 if you wish to excuse your child from participating in the survey, or complete the online opt out form.


Why are we conducting the School Climate Survey?

As part of Battle Ground Public Schools’ commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment, the district is asking students to participate in an annual School Climate Survey. The survey will help the district evaluate its comprehensive, coordinated, and integrated program for advancing wellness and resilience in school-aged youth

What is the School Climate Survey?

The brief survey assesses a critical aspect of school climate – how students perceive the school environment. They measure perceptions of relationships among the school community members, school safety, and fairness and clarity of rules and behavioral expectations.

The survey is voluntary and anonymous.

What questions are on the survey?

This survey asks questions about overall school climate, including feelings about school safety, bullying, student engagement, student teacher relationships, and positive, punitive and social emotional learning techniques. Parents or guardians can see a copy of survey questions in the school office.

Who will be asked to take the survey?

All schools in the district with students in Grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 are encouraged to participate.

Is the survey voluntary?

Yes! Students can choose to participate. Participants taking the survey can skip questions and stop taking the survey at any time.

If you do not want your student to participate in the survey, you can excuse your student from participating by calling or sending a note to the school. You may also opt out of participation.

Students not taking the survey will be provided with an alternative activity, such as reading or working in the library. There is no penalty for not taking part in the survey.

How is participant identity protected?

Participants will not include their names anywhere on the survey and there are no codes or other information to match a survey to a particular student.

No one from the school will look at the survey answers. No identifying information is collected on the survey. Survey reports of results will not identify any individuals

Need more information?

If you have any questions about the purpose of the survey or survey procedures, please contact Sandy Mathewson, Director of Social-Emotional Learning
(360) 885-5456


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