Special Services

Special Education

Battle Ground Public Schools provide special education and related services in all schools to eligible children and youths with disabilities, from birth through 21. In some cases, we provide services through other school districts or by approved outside agencies through inter-local service agreements.

Section 504 & ADA

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal law that prohibits discrimination against qualifying individuals with a disability in any program receiving federal assistance.

We believe in educating students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Each student has access to an appropriate learning environment and an opportunity for education with non-disabled students to the maximum extent appropriate at his or her neighborhood school or at a site as close as possible.

Other Resources

Battle Ground inclusive community links / extra-curricular activities available in the community for children with disabilities.

Health Services & Nursing

Childfind Notice

Battle Ground Public Schools are committed to addressing the unique needs of students with disabilities, birth through age 21, who reside within the boundaries of the Battle Ground School District. This includes children with disabilities enrolled in private schools within the district boundaries as well as children who are homeless. Disabilities can be in any one of several categories that ultimately affect a child’s learning, such as the ability to think, to express oneself, to see or hear clearly, to get around, or understand instructions given. If you have a child who you think might have a disability requiring special education instruction or significant accommodations at school, or if you know of such a child, please feel free to call the Battle Ground Public Schools Special Education Office at (360) 885-5318.

Programs and Services

Early childhood screening and assessment

The Battle Ground Public Schools offer early childhood screening and assessment of children from birth through age 5 in the areas of fine and gross motor skills, communication, cognitive or thinking skills, social skills, and adaptive skills. Screenings and evaluations for infant/toddlers (birth to 3) will be conducted by a family resource coordinator. Children from birth to age 3 who qualify for services are served through inter-agency agreements with local child development centers. Children ages 3 through 5 will be screened and assessed by the BGPS special education team.

Early intervention/preschool services for eligible children may include special education services speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, as determined by their individual needs.

Parents may call the Special Education Office at (360) 885-5318 for screening and program information.

School-Aged Students

Parents of children with a suspected disability from Kindergarten to age 21 can contact the school psychologist in their neighborhood school. If the student qualifies according to Washington State regulations, they may access special education programs appropriate to the needs. Parents of students moving into the district with a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) are encouraged to notify the school psychologist before they enroll in their neighborhood school.

Battle Ground Public Schools offer a full spectrum of services for those students eligible for special education. Most students with disabilities benefit from a special educator providing specially designed instruction within the general education classroom or in a small group in a resource room. Students who need more support may be served in a center-based classroom and will also benefit from being included in the general education setting whenever appropriate to their learning plan. Psychology, speech and language, vision, hearing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing services, and assistive technology services are available to students in each building, as needed.

Post-High School Students

Some students will remain in school until June of their 21st year. Battle Ground Public Schools provide a blend of school and community based services. Some students will move to full community based programs.


The FUTURES program at the Dodge House (612 NW 9th St. (360) 885-6426) adjacent to Battle Ground High School provides young adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to become more independent in daily living, transportation, recreation, and job skills. Special education teachers and job coaches provide instruction and support. The FUTURES program also managed the Battle Ground Barkery, a vocational program for students with disabilities, where they create, market, and sell dog treats. Watch a video and learn more at the BG Barkery website.

School Psychologists

The school psychologist in Battle Ground Public Schools is considered the case manager at the building. The school psychologist is part of the building faculty and serves general education as well as special education populations. These services include counseling, group work, and guiding the special education multi-disciplinary team process.


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