Outlines goals and objectives, with strategies for how to achieve them.Battle Ground Public Schools leadership, staff, families and the community have developed a new mission, vision and strategic plan that aligns with its educational priorities and reflects the community’s vision for its schools.

In an effort to define the district’s focus, district staff worked together to develop a mission statement and define two educational priorities, called coherence goals. These priorities encompass high-quality instruction and strong social and emotional skills.

In the 2021-22 school year, district leadership sought input from families and the community and launched the Citizens Advisory Committee to refine the goals and add a third.

The resulting plan is a reflection of community priorities. In Battle Ground Public Schools we focus on high-quality instructional techniques that benefit each student, provide a safe and caring environment and partner with parents and our community. This is wrapped into three goals. Within each goal are strategies that the district will use to achieve objectives.

Safe and caring environment

Goal: Safe and caring environment


  • Foster an environment where students, staff and families feel supported, valued and heard.
  • Enhance students’ educational experience with school sports and extracurricular activities.
  • Teach and reinforce clear and positive behavior expectations.
  • Ensure high-level safety standards at all campuses.


  • Increased percentage of students, parents/guardians and staff reporting positive indicators of a supportive learning environment.
  • Eighty-five percent of students maintaining regular attendance (90% or higher).
  • Increased percentage of students who engage in clubs, sports and/or before- and after-school activities.

High-quality Instruction
Goal: High-quality instruction


  • Implement high-quality standards-based instruction and interventions that support critical thinking and high levels of academic achievement.
  • Create personalized learning pathways (college, trade, self-employment, internships, AP classes) that develop career- and college-ready students.
  • Provide ongoing, targeted professional learning and support for staff to meet the diverse learning needs of students.


  • Increased percentage of students meeting or exceeding proficiency standards on state assessments.
  • Increased four-year high school graduation rates.
  • Increased percentage of students who complete Advanced Placement, Running Start and Career and
    Technical Education classes.
  • Increased percentage of staff who report learning new skills and strategies to improve instruction as a result of engaging in BGPS professional development.

Collaboration that cultivates trust
Goal: Collaboration that cultivates trust


  • Improve stakeholder trust through transparent decision making and fiscal responsibility.
  • Communicate consistently through a variety of methods to reach all stakeholders.
  • Build partnerships with parents and community to increase engagement and benefit student learning.


  • Increased percentage of parents, guardians and staff members reporting positive indicators of collaboration and communication.
  • Increased percentage of parents, guardians, staff members and students reporting positive indicators of parent and community involvement.
  • Continued clean audits from the Washington state Auditor’s Office.
  • Maintenance of 6% or greater unassigned fund balance as an indicator of sound financial health.


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