Career and Technical Education

Director of Career and Technical Education
Cindy Arnold 360-885-5370

Administrative Assistants to Director
Fern Price 360-885-5359

Bree Sanchez

Career Guidance Transition Facilitator
Carol Davenport 360-885-5373

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
David Cresap 360-885-5394

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Allison Tuchardt 360-885-5364

K-8 Curriculum Adoption Coordinator
Amy Fredericks 360-885-5428

Administrative Assistant – Assessment
Lacey Marsolek 360-885-5391

Administrative Assistant – Curriculum
Paula DeLano 360-885-5438

Systems Data Technician
Molly Stickler 360-885-5441

Science (TOSA)
Andrea Parker 360-885-1543

Science Resource Technician
Brenda Olsen 360-885-6508

Science Resource Technician
Jessica King 360-885-6508

Deputy Superintendent

Deputy Superintendent
Shelly Whitten 360-885-5338

Executive Assistant to Deputy Superintendent
Lisa Randle 360-885-5338

Federal Programs & Instructional Support Services

Director of Federal Programs
Lynnell Tsugawa-Murray 360-885-5376

Administrative Assistant to Director
Carla Barrett 360-885-5414

Title I / LAP Coordinator
Heidi Lammers 360-885-5428

Learning Support Program Facilitator
Jessica Davis 360-885-5427

Homeless Liaison
Lydia Sanders 360-885-5434

Advanced Studies Coordinator
Jennifer Marrott 360-885-5426

Advanced Studies Grant Secretary
Patricia Halberg 360-885-5426

English Learner Program Coordinator
Stephanie Welniak 360-885-5439

English Learner Program Secretary
Katie Bolin 360-885-5439

Russian Outreach Liaison
Nadiya Bodyanska 360-885-5433

Russian Outreach Liaison
Gleb Velikanov 360-885-5442

Spanish Outreach Liaison
Maria Carbajal 360-885-5431

Spanish Outreach Liaison
Murielle Rodriguez: 360-885-5467

Monitored English Learner Academic Support
Samuel Hanchett 360-885-5466

Instructional Leadership

Director of Instructional Leadership (Early Childhood /Primary)
Mike Michaud 360-885-5349

Director of Instructional Leadership (High School / ALE)
Travis Drake 360-885-5334

Director of Instructional Leadership (Middle School)
Luke LeCount 360-885-5388

Professional Learning

Executive Director of School Improvement
David Kennedy 360-885-5401

Administrative Assistant to the Director
Jen Schmidt 360-885-5389

Social-Emotional Learning

Director of Instructional Interventions
Tamra Scheetz 360-885-5471

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coach
Becky Gawenit 360-885-5374

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coach
Kristen McIntyre 360-885-5369

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coach
Mari Schauer  360-885-5300

Social Emotional Learning (COSA)
Tamra Vanegas  360-885-5300

Special Services

Executive Director of Special Services
Ellen Wiessner 360-885-5413

Administrative Assistant to Director
Darci Duca 360-885-5413

Director of Special Services
Kellie Clay 360-885-5318

Special Services Coordinator
Anna Leeper 360-885-5341

Special Services Coordinator
Felicia Barkell 360-885-5322

School Health Services and Nursing Supervisor
Catherine Shannon 360-885-5436

School Health Services (NOSA)
Micki Moss 360-885-5385

Administrative Assistant – Student Records Manager
Michelle Bergerson 360-885-5318

Compliance Coordinator
Lisa Nitschke 360-885-5320

Technology Services

Director of Technology Services
Scott McDaniel 360-885-5350

Administrative Assistant to the Director / Technology Purchaser
Dina Sweeny 360-885-5307

Educational Technology Coordinator
Cassondra Smith 360-885-5422


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