Wellness policy and guidelines

Battle Ground Public Schools supports student health, well-being, and ability to learn by promoting healthy eating and physical activity.  We encourage parents to be involved with our district wellness committee and help us promote healthy options by choosing smart snacks for classroom events and activities.

Contact Nutrition Services

nutrition@battlegroundps.org  or  (360) 885-6539

Join the Wellness Committee

Parents, community and staff are invited to be informed and active in knowing and shaping the content of the district’s wellness initiatives by joining the district Wellness Committee.

If you are interested in attending the next wellness meeting, please contact Nutrition Services:

nutrition@battlegroundps.org or (360) 885-6539

Smart Snack resources

Battle Ground Public Schools offers healthy lunch and breakfast options to students, staff and parents every school day. Students can choose from a variety of entrees, fruits, vegetables, and beverages that meet federal guidelines.

A la carte and other food items sold on campus, and snacks and food brought by parents to serve to students during school hours, must meet Smart Snacks requirements. Please review the list of food items that meet Smart Snacks requirements if you plan to bring food items into a classroom during school hours.

A la carte selections served in cafeterias

Smart Snack foods for classroom consumption

Evaluating wellness in schools

Battle Ground Public Schools assesses each school level once per year to provide information about wellness practices and track progress on wellness goals. The district uses federal Form 357 to assess its wellness activities.

High school Wellness Policy Assessment 2022-23 (PDF)

Middle school Wellness Policy Assessment 2022-23 (PDF)

Primary school Wellness Policy Assessment 2022-23 (PDF)


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