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2016-17 School Calendar Updates

May 24: Early release day for professional development
June 8-9: Regular, full days
June 15-16: K-8 early release

June 19-20: Regular, full days
June 22-23: Early Release

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2017 ThoughtExchange survey is available now

It's time again to gather community feedback and get parent and community input on how we're doing. Please join the conversation by sharing your thoughts with us.

BGPS shadow days engage parents in their child's learning

May 12, 2017

A group of first graders are seated in a semi-circle around a table, intently focused on instructional aid Diane O’Haver as she points to a series of words on a small whiteboard. As she stops on each word, the students read it aloud before taking turns naming every rhyming word that they can think of.

It’s a pretty common scene in Pleasant Valley Primary’s reading intervention classes. The only thing setting this apart from a typical class are the parents who have come to the school for a parent shadow day.

Explore Battle Ground's half-day Stem Program

Food Science at CASEE

May 15, 2017

Teacher Chris Collmer leads his Food Science class through a lesson in molecular gastronomy at the Center for Agriculture, Science and Environmental Education.

Battle Ground Public Schools' half-day STEM program offers high school students a hands-on curriculum in science and English.