2016 BGPS School construction bond

2016 Bond Facts 
Building Now and for the Future

Community Bond Information Presentation

Community Bond Presentation

Proper Planning

One of the goals in Battle Ground Public Schools' Strategic Plan is to provide safe and secure facilities that are equipped to prepare our students for college and careers and accommodate a growing student population.

With that goal as the guiding principle, a community-led team of dedicated volunteers from every area of the district worked for two years—often meeting weekly—to craft the Long-Range Facilities Plan, which charts a course for providing appropriate facilities for educational instruction now and into the future.

The Facilities Improvement Team (FIT) presented their plan to the Board of Directors last spring, along with the recommendation to run a bond measure that would:

  • Replace deteriorating schools
  • Accommodate growth
  • Make safety and security updates 
  • Enhance schools for 21st century learning. 

This plan, phase one of a multi-phased approach, will require approval of an $80 million construction bond, which voters will consider on November 8, 2016. 

The district has provided a Bond Fact Sheet to all patrons within the district boundaries. This guide, which can be viewed, shared and downloaded by clicking the image, outlines the district's facility needs, community-led process, bond projects, costs, and frequently asked questions. 

Please take a few moments to read through the entire mailer. 

Below is a summary of the fact sheet. 

The Bond Fact Sheet is also available in Russian.

Bond Projects

The $80 million bond (Phase 1 of the Long-range Facilities Plan) includes:

  • Four Replacement Schools: Glenwood Heights Primary, Laurin Middle, Pleasant Valley Primary & Middle
  • Two New Schools: Construction of new K-4 and 5-8 schools in the southeast corner of the district to address overcrowding and enrollment growth
  • Outdated Building Replacement: The replacement of Prairie High School 500-900 buildings and the renovation of Amboy Middle's gym and 300 building
  • Multiple Improvements Across the District: Safety, technology, educational, infrastructure, and athletic improvements throughout the district, including updating door locks and main entrances at some schools to improve student and staff safety

Cost of the Bond

The projected local tax rate for the bond is 45 cents per $1,000 of current assessed value. This tax would be in addition to current school district taxes. The 2016 tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value for the district is $4.48, which includes both previous construction bonds and the maintenance and operations levy. The chart below shows current and projected tax rates.

Voters last approved a school bond in 2005* at a rate of $1.26 per $1,000. Proposition 1's projected rate would return the total bond tax rate to this amount and maintain through the phases of the long-range plan. *The 2005 bond paid for Daybreak Primary and Middle, Tukes Valley Primary and Middle, Chief Umtuch Middle, Amboy Middle, Captain Strong classroom expansion, Technology and safety upgrades, Laurin commons, Refurbished PHS track and auditorium and replaced roofs, Converted BGHS cafeteria into stage/cafeteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact the district office for additional information or to schedule an informative presentation or coffee talk about Proposition 1 by calling 360-885-5300 or emailing communication@battlegroundps.org