Weather & Emergency Closure Information

Battle Ground Public Schools makes every effort to ensure safety throughout the district. 
In the unfortunate event that safety is compromised, Battle Ground Public Schools will communicate to staff, students, and parents on the situation and potential impacts. These communications include information on school closures or late starts due to weather or natural disasters, structural damage to buildings, or any potential threats. 

The district uses multiple communication tools to deliver this information in an effective and timely manner.  Please review the information below to stay informed on district communication efforts, policies and procedures. 

Stay Up-To-Date with News Sources

  • Automated Phone Calls & Emails. Please keep your contact information updated with the district's Family Access (Skyward) system. This will ensure accurate and timely notifications.  You can contact your school office to update your information. 
  • District Website. Bookmark for easy access. 
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Flash Alert News this site sends automatic notifications to your computer or mobile device about emergency and non-emergency related issues. 
  • District Emergency Information Line: (360) 885-5343 (Updated by 6:00 AM on impacted days)

Weather-Related Closures

Battle Ground Public Schools administrators take many factors into consideration when determining school closures, and then notify the media and place calls to families and staff through our automated notification system. Additional announcements are made on the district’s web page, emergency closure line, social media pages and FlashAlert News. Programs such as Aspire, Cascadia Technical Academy (Skills Center), and alternative schools are also included in the notification process.

Weather Related School Closure and Late Start Guide
Weather-Related School Closure & Late Start Guide

This is a parent-friendly guide with detailed information about weather-related closures and late starts. We recommend downloading this guide and posting it in a handy location. Read below for additional closure and late-start information, including times, snow bus routes and more. 

1. Late starts -- In the event of late starts, school begins two hours later than the regular starting time, and there will be no morning preschool. View school start/end times as well as late start and early release information. 


2. Notification to families and employees:

3. Split-district (“partial”) closures or late starts -- When winter weather forces us to close or have late starts at some schools but not others, it is because roads in the north part of the district are more hilly and at higher elevations than the roads in the southern part of the district.  Those north-end roads can be hazardous for school buses as well as parents and students in cars, even though roads farther south might be free of snow and ice.  In the event of split-district closures or late starts, it is important to know whether you live in the north or south part of the district.  Schools are divided as follows:

  • North Schools– Battle Ground High, Tukes Valley Primary and Middle, Yacolt Primary and Amboy Middle schools, Captain Strong Primary, Chief Umtuch Middle and Summit View Middle School.
  • South Schools – Prairie High,  Daybreak Primary and Middle, Maple Grove K-8, Pleasant Valley Primary and Middle, Glenwood Heights Primary and Laurin Middle. 
  • Alternative schools- CAM Academy, River Homelink, and Summit View High School. These schools will follow the worst-case scenario.

Students in south schools who live in a north-school attendance area will not have bus service if the north schools are closed and south schools are open.

4. Alternative schools - If any school in the district has a late-start-or-closure scenario due to bad weather, Summit View High School, River HomeLink and CAM Academy will follow the worst-case scenario.  Example: If north schools are closed and south schools on late start, alternative schools will close. 


5. Parental discretion -- Even when a school is open, parents and guardians may use their own judgment whether it is safe to send their children to school. Weather-related absences are excused if they are reported to the school by a parent or guardian.

6. Bus snow routes -- In some cases, schools are open but with some buses on snow routes. If buses are affected by snow routes, the communication will contain this information. If only a few snow routes are in effect due to the weather, those affected families will be contacted by transportation services. If snow routes are in effect in the morning, those same buses will be on snow routes in the afternoon, too, regardless of the weather by that time. Snow routes can be found on this website or you also can get bus information from the bus company (Cascade Student Transportation) at 687-7137, or the district transportation office, 885-6577.

7. Does child's school have your up-to-date phone number? -- Our automated phone calling system is the most efficient way for us to reach most families quickly in the event of delays or closures.  Please be sure your child’s school is notified of any changes in your phone-contact information.

Snow Bus Routes

School-specific bus routes, including snow routes, can be found on the district Bus Route page.

Late-start school hours

Please visit the School Hours webpage for additional information on school hours including late start times, early release times and regular schedule times. 

Community Education Inclement Weather Policy

School Year, Monday - Friday
If Battle Ground School District closes schools or students are released early or after-school activities are cancelled due to severe weather, all Community Education enrichment and recreation events, classes, and practices will be canceled. Battle Ground School District covers a large territory, and at times weather conditions necessitate the closure, late start, or early release of part of the district only. The district is broken down into areas, South and North. If the school where your activity is being held closes or students are released early or after-school activities are cancelled due to severe weather, all Community Education enrichment and recreation events, classes, and practices will be canceled at that location. If school and/or after-school activities are not canceled, all activities will go on as scheduled.

Course instructors will reschedule missed classes due to inclement weather. Practices will not be rescheduled.

Weekend Events and Classes
If inclement weather happens on a weekend when Battle Ground Community Education activities are scheduled, look online or call (360) 885-6584 for cancellation information.

If it is a game or tournament:

  • All game supervisors and referees will be called.
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches to look online or call Battle Ground Community Education at (360)885-6584 to get the up-to-date closure information and call their players.
  • Within two weeks coaches will be notified of the rescheduled games and it will be the coaches’ responsibility to inform their players.

If it is a class:

  • The instructor and students will be called.
  • You will be notified of the reschedule as soon as possible.
  • Course instructors will reschedule missed classes due to inclement weather.

Tigerland Preschool

If Battle Ground School District has a late start due to weather conditions, morning Tigerland preschool will be canceled and rescheduled. Afternoon Tigerland preschool will be held at the regularly scheduled time.

If Battle Ground School District releases students early due to weather conditions, afternoon Tigerland preschool will get out early or be canceled depending on the time of the decision.