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HIV/AIDS Prevention 

HIV/AIDS Prevention

Hello Parents,

In accordance with Washington State law, (RCW 28A.230.070) Battle Ground Public Schools offers instruction in HIV/AIDS prevention to all students in grades 5-12. One requirement of this law is that parents wishing to excuse their children from this instruction must preview the curriculum and materials that will be used for this instruction. We are offering you the opportunity to review these materials in three ways.  

Option 1: On-site meeting 

There will be a district info meeting each year in the fall, where you can review these instructional materials and, if you wish, excuse your child(ren) from this instruction during the meeting. This meeting is designed for you to drop in and review the materials. You are not required to stay the full length of time.

This year's meeting has passed. Please see options below.

Option 2: Online Preview (Click Here for Curriculum)

You may view the Parent Resource Page on this website. Here you will find a four step process for online completion. 

      Please Note: You may disregard any references to DVDs or videos. These are
      not used with the BGPS curriculum.

When you are finished, if you wish to excuse your child(ren) from this instruction, complete the online "Request to Excuse" form by clicking here. This is an online form through Survey Monkey and will take you to a third party website. All information given will be kept confidential. Your child(ren) will be added to our list of excused students. 

Option 3: School Site Preview  

You may also choose to review materials at your school’s office. If you wish to have your child(ren) excused from HIV instruction after you have previewed the materials, please request the form and give it to a school office staff member. Your child(ren) will be added to our list of excused students.

Please Note: If you have excused your child(ren) from this instruction in a previous year, all of your children will automatically remain excused each year unless you contact us.  If you change your mind and decide that you want your child(ren) to receive this instruction, or if you are not sure whether or not your child(ren) has been excused, please call Shannon Lambertson at (360) 885-5389.

"Request to Excuse" Forms

  • Online submission Click Here for online survey
  • Write-in paper submission Click Here for PDF form. 

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