1:1 Computing Initiative Provides Equitable Access to Technology

Battle Ground Public Schools provides a “one to one” computing initiative to students in grades 5-10, with plans to expand to 3-12. Each student in grades 6 and above is assigned a new Chromebook to use not only during the school day, but also to take home until the end of the school year. Younger students will keep their assigned Chromebook in a classroom cart at school. Students will be responsible for their device just as they would be for a textbook, and the computer will be theirs to use for as long as they attend a school within the Battle Ground district, excepting summers.

Why 1:1 
The program ensures equitable access to technology among students and is more cost effective than providing carts of Chromebooks in each classroom. It enhances the learning experience by allowing students to complete tasks at home and share their work with family members. This program is being instituted as a means to promote achievement and provide for flexible learning opportunities.

Students are expected to use district technology responsibly and they must understand the appropriate and responsible use of the technology and district network resources as described in the district Responsible Use Policy detailed in Procedure 2022P. The district also expects that students will charge their devices every night and keep their devices safe, secure, and in good working order.

Download the PDF: Tips for Chromebook Use at Home and at School

Assurance program
As part of this program, the district is offering the optional Chromebook Assurance Fee Program which provides an inexpensive solution for lessening the financial burden if an accident or theft occurs. Families may opt out of the Chromebook Assurance Program, but will be fully responsible for any associated cost for damage or theft.

The optional Chromebook Assurance Program covers the life of the device at the following rates. Families will only pay once for the device issued, which we expect to last four years.

 Cost First Device Additional Devices per family
 Full Price $25 $10 per additional device
 Reduced Lunch* $20 $8 per additional device
 Free Lunch* $10 $6 per additional device

*Rates for families that qualify for free or reduced meal benefits

To participate in the 1:1 Computing Initiative, please print and fill out the form below and return it to your school office.

Agreement between user and district
1:1 Mobile Device Checkout form
1:1 Mobile Device Checkout form (Russian)
1:1 Mobile Device Checkout form (Spanish)

1:1 Initiative Parent Handout
1:1 Initiative Parent Presentation

If you have any questions about the 1:1 Computing Initiative, please contact the Technology Director Scott McDaniel at (360) 885-5350.


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