COVID-19 Cases in Schools

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Battle Ground Public Schools follows health and safety guidelines and works closely with Clark County Public Health to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on school campuses. The district notifies Clark County Public Health anytime someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 has been on the campus while potentially contagious.

The district follows Clark County Public Health guidance to identify close contacts who may have been exposed. The district will notify those students and staff who are identified as close contacts and provide instruction on quarantine. Clark County Public Health advises people in quarantine to not leave home except to seek medical care. They should not go to work, school or child care facilities, and they should not participate in any social or community activities.

The district notifies the staff and family of a school when someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 was inside the building during their infectious window.

Clark County Public Health instructs everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 to isolate at home until they are no longer contagious, which is typically at least 10 days from the time symptoms began.

Get more information about the Clark County Public Health COVID-19 response on its website.

Clark County Public Health is also providing information about COVID-19 outbreaks at local public and private K-12 schools.

Coronavirus information and impacts to the district is also available on the Battle Ground Public Schools website.

COVID-19 Cases in Battle Ground Schools

SchoolLast exposure date in building*Staff, Student or VisitorExposed at school?
Prairie High SchoolSept. 16, 2020Staff
Prairie High SchoolSept. 22, 2020StaffNo
Amboy MiddleOct. 16, 2020StaffNo
Amboy MiddleOct. 26, 2020StaffNo
Laurin MiddleOct. 26, 2020StudentNo
Daybreak PrimaryOct. 27, 2020StaffNo
Battle Ground High School
Prairie High School
Glenwood Heights Primary
Maple Grove Primary
Tukes Valley Primary
Oct. 19, 2020VisitorNo
Maple Grove PrimaryNov. 10, 2020StaffNo
Daybreak PrimaryNov. 9, 2020StaffNo
Prairie High SchoolNov. 13, 2020StaffNo
Chief Umtuch MiddleNov. 17, 2020StaffNo
Tukes Valley PrimaryNov. 17, 2020StaffNo
Yacolt PrimaryNov. 17, 2020StaffNo
River HomeLinkNov. 19, 2020StaffNo
Battle Ground High SchoolNov. 19, 2020Staff No
Maple Grove PrimaryDec. 1, 2020StaffNo
Amboy MiddleDec. 7, 2020StaffNo
Tukes Valley PrimaryDec. 8, 2020StaffNo
Daybreak PrimaryDec. 8, 2020StaffNo
Amboy MiddleDec. 18, 2020StaffNo
CASEE AJan. 11, 2021StaffNo
Daybreak PrimaryJan. 15, 2021StaffNo
Yacolt PrimaryJan. 22, 2021StudentNo
CASEE AJan. 26, 2021StaffNo
Prairie High SchoolJan. 26, 2021StaffNo
Chief Umtuch MiddleJan. 28, 2021StudentNo
CASEE AJan. 29, 2021StaffNo
Laurin Middle and Glenwood Heights PrimaryFeb. 2, 2021StaffNo
Maple Grove PrimaryFeb. 16, 2021StudentNo
Yacolt PrimaryFeb. 17, 2021StaffNo
Maple Grove PrimaryFeb. 20, 2021StaffNo
Maple Grove PrimaryFeb. 23, 2021StudentNo
Tukes Valley MiddleMarch 8, 2021StaffNo
Battle Ground High SchoolMarch 15, 2021StudentNo
Battle Ground High SchoolMarch 15, 2021StudentNo
Captain Strong PrimaryMarch 15, 2021StudentNo
Chief Umtuch MiddleMarch 16, 2021StudentNo
Laurin Middle SchoolMarch 16, 2021StudentNo
Laurin Middle SchoolMarch 18, 2021StudentNo
Battle Ground High SchoolMarch 19, 2021StudentNo
Tukes Valley MiddleMarch 19, 2021StaffNo
Glenwood Heights PrimaryMarch 23, 2021StudentNo
Daybreak PrimaryMarch 23, 2021StudentNo
Captain Strong PrimaryMarch 26, 2021StudentNo
Pleasant Valley MiddleMarch 30, 2021StudentNo
Battle Ground High SchoolApril 1, 2021StaffNo
*This date is the last day the person was in the building during their contagious period. It is not the date they tested positive nor the date they learned they had tested positive.


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