COVID-19 Cases in Schools 2021-22

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Battle Ground Public Schools follows state health and safety requirements and works closely with Clark County Public Health to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on school campuses. The district notifies Clark County Public Health anytime someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 has been on the campus while potentially contagious. Clark County Public Health instructs everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 to isolate at home for at least 5 days, returning to school on day 6 if a rapid antigen test returns negative.

Get more information about the Clark County Public Health COVID-19 response on its website.

Other districts in Clark County also have COVID-19 dashboards.

Coronavirus information and impacts to the district is also available on the Battle Ground Public Schools website.

COVID-19 Cases in Battle Ground Schools 2021-22

The table below includes all cases in the district reported after winter break. This list is updated on Mondays with cases reported through Friday of the previous week. The cases include people who may not have been in a building during the time they were contagious. 

Scroll down to see data prior to Jan. 3

COVID-19 Cases since Jan. 3, 2022

Yacolt PrimaryMarch 26-April 1000
WarehouseMarch 26-April 1000
UnassignedMarch 26-April 1000
Tukes Valley PrimaryMarch 26-April 1000
Tukes Valley MiddleMarch 26-April 1000
Summit View High SchoolMarch 26-April 1000
River HomeLinkMarch 26-April 1011
Prairie High SchoolMarch 26-April 1000
Pleasant Valley PrimaryMarch 26-April 1145
Pleasant Valley MiddleMarch 26-April 1011
Maple Grove PrimaryMarch 26-April 1000
Laurin MiddleMarch 26-April 1000
Glenwood Heights PrimaryMarch 26-April 1000
District OfficeMarch 26-April 1000
Daybreak PrimaryMarch 26-April 1000
Daybreak MiddleMarch 26-April 1000
Chief Umtuch MiddleMarch 26-April 1000
Captain Strong PrimaryMarch 26-April 1011
CAM AcademyMarch 26-April 1022
BGHSMarch 26-April 1011
Amboy MiddleMarch 26-April 1000
ALL DISTRICTMarch 26-April 111011
Yacolt PrimaryMarch 19-March 25000
WarehouseMarch 19-March 25000
UnassignedMarch 19-March 25000
Tukes Valley PrimaryMarch 19-March 25000
Tukes Valley MiddleMarch 19-March 25000
Summit View High SchoolMarch 19-March 25000
River HomeLinkMarch 19-March 25011
Prairie High SchoolMarch 19-March 25000
Pleasant Valley PrimaryMarch 19-March 25022
Pleasant Valley MiddleMarch 19-March 25000
Maple Grove PrimaryMarch 19-March 25000
Laurin MiddleMarch 19-March 25011
Glenwood Heights PrimaryMarch 19-March 25011
District OfficeMarch 19-March 25000
Daybreak PrimaryMarch 19-March 25011
Daybreak MiddleMarch 19-March 25000
Chief Umtuch MiddleMarch 19-March 25000
Captain Strong PrimaryMarch 19-March 25011
CAM AcademyMarch 19-March 25000
BGHSMarch 19-March 25000
Amboy MiddleMarch 19-March 25000
ALL DISTRICTMarch 19-March 25077
Yacolt PrimaryMarch 12-March 18000
WarehouseMarch 12-March 18000
UnassignedMarch 12-March 18000
Tukes Valley PrimaryMarch 12-March 18000
Tukes Valley MiddleMarch 12-March 18000
Summit View High SchoolMarch 12-March 18000
River HomeLinkMarch 12-March 18101
Prairie High SchoolMarch 12-March 18000
Pleasant Valley PrimaryMarch 12-March 18022
Pleasant Valley MiddleMarch 12-March 18000
Maple Grove PrimaryMarch 12-March 18000
Laurin MiddleMarch 12-March 18000
Glenwood Heights PrimaryMarch 12-March 18000
District OfficeMarch 12-March 18101
Daybreak PrimaryMarch 12-March 18000
Daybreak MiddleMarch 12-March 18000
Chief Umtuch MiddleMarch 12-March 18000
Captain Strong PrimaryMarch 12-March 18000
CAM AcademyMarch 12-March 18000
BGHSMarch 12-March 18000
Amboy MiddleMarch 12-March 18000
ALL DISTRICTMarch 12-March 18224
Yacolt PrimaryMarch 5-March 11000
WarehouseMarch 5-March 11000
UnassignedMarch 5-March 11000
Tukes Valley PrimaryMarch 5-March 11101
Tukes Valley MiddleMarch 5-March 11000
Summit View High SchoolMarch 5-March 11011
River HomeLinkMarch 5-March 11011
Prairie High SchoolMarch 5-March 11000
Pleasant Valley PrimaryMarch 5-March 11000
Pleasant Valley MiddleMarch 5-March 11000
Maple Grove PrimaryMarch 5-March 11000
Laurin MiddleMarch 5-March 11000
Glenwood Heights PrimaryMarch 5-March 11000
District OfficeMarch 5-March 11000
Daybreak PrimaryMarch 5-March 11000
Daybreak MiddleMarch 5-March 11000
Chief Umtuch MiddleMarch 5-March 11000
Captain Strong PrimaryMarch 5-March 11000
CAM AcademyMarch 5-March 11000
BGHSMarch 5-March 11011
Amboy MiddleMarch 5-March 11000
ALL DISTRICTMarch 5-March 11134
Yacolt PrimaryJan. 29-Feb. 41910
WarehouseJan. 29-Feb. 4202
UnassignedJan. 29-Feb. 4202
Tukes Valley PrimaryJan. 29-Feb. 4189
Tukes Valley MiddleJan. 29-Feb. 4134
Summit View High SchoolJan. 29-Feb. 4022
River HomeLinkJan. 29-Feb. 4178
Prairie High SchoolJan. 29-Feb. 461521
Pleasant Valley PrimaryJan. 29-Feb. 4044
Pleasant Valley MiddleJan. 29-Feb. 4055
Maple Grove PrimaryJan. 29-Feb. 4055
Laurin MiddleJan. 29-Feb. 401212
Glenwood Heights PrimaryJan. 29-Feb. 4055
District OfficeJan. 29-Feb. 4202
Daybreak PrimaryJan. 29-Feb. 42911
Daybreak MiddleJan. 29-Feb. 4246
Chief Umtuch MiddleJan. 29-Feb. 4189
Captain Strong PrimaryJan. 29-Feb. 4268
CAM AcademyJan. 29-Feb. 4099
BGHSJan. 29-Feb. 423133
Amboy MiddleJan. 29-Feb. 4178
ALL DISTRICTJan. 29-Feb. 426149175
Yacolt PrimaryJan. 22-282911
WarehouseJan. 22-28000
UnassignedJan. 22-28404
Tukes Valley PrimaryJan. 22-28257
Tukes Valley MiddleJan. 22-2811213
Summit View High SchoolJan. 22-28066
River HomeLinkJan. 22-28268
Prairie High SchoolJan. 22-2862632
Pleasant Valley PrimaryJan. 22-285510
Pleasant Valley MiddleJan. 22-283912
Maple Grove PrimaryJan. 22-2811213
Laurin MiddleJan. 22-28099
Glenwood Heights PrimaryJan. 22-2811314
District OfficeJan. 22-28505
Daybreak PrimaryJan. 22-2802222
Daybreak MiddleJan. 22-28268
Chief Umtuch MiddleJan. 22-2801111
Captain Strong PrimaryJan. 22-281910
CAM AcademyJan. 22-28156
BGHSJan. 22-2874047
Amboy MiddleJan. 22-2821216
ALL DISTRICTJan. 22-2845217262
Yacolt PrimaryJan. 15-2142125
WarehouseJan. 15-21000
UnassignedJan. 15-21007
Tukes Valley PrimaryJan. 15-2122123
Tukes Valley MiddleJan. 15-2111314
Summit View High SchoolJan. 15-21055
River HomeLinkJan. 15-2121517
Prairie High SchoolJan. 15-2152631
Pleasant Valley PrimaryJan. 15-2111213
Pleasant Valley MiddleJan. 15-2121517
Maple Grove PrimaryJan. 15-2123638
Laurin MiddleJan. 15-2112829
Glenwood Heights PrimaryJan. 15-21224
District OfficeJan. 15-21000
Daybreak PrimaryJan. 15-2123638
Daybreak MiddleJan. 15-2142428
Chief Umtuch MiddleJan. 15-2122628
Captain Strong PrimaryJan. 15-2113536
CAM AcademyJan. 15-2101616
BGHSJan. 15-2165056
Amboy MiddleJan. 15-2111617
ALL DISTRICTJan. 15-2145391436
Yacolt PrimaryJan. 3-1481927
WarehouseJan. 3-14000
UnassignedJan. 3-140019
Tukes Valley PrimaryJan. 3-1422628
Tukes Valley MiddleJan. 3-1432326
Summit View High SchoolJan. 3-1411112
River HomeLinkJan. 3-1451823
Prairie High SchoolJan. 3-14136679
Pleasant Valley PrimaryJan. 3-1451924
Pleasant Valley MiddleJan. 3-1422224
Maple Grove PrimaryJan. 3-14101424
Laurin MiddleJan. 3-1473239
Glenwood Heights PrimaryJan. 3-1452126
District OfficeJan. 3-1410111
Daybreak PrimaryJan. 3-1481826
Daybreak MiddleJan. 3-1471926
Chief Umtuch MiddleJan. 3-1432922
Captain Strong PrimaryJan. 3-1482230
CAM AcademyJan. 3-1432427
BGHSJan. 3-14115465
Amboy MiddleJan. 3-1422325
ALL DISTRICTJan. 3-14113461593
Yacolt PrimaryFeb. 26-March 4000
WarehouseFeb. 26-March 4000
UnassignedFeb. 26-March 4000
Tukes Valley PrimaryFeb. 26-March 4011
Tukes Valley MiddleFeb. 26-March 4101
Summit View High SchoolFeb. 26-March 4101
River HomeLinkFeb. 26-March 4000
Prairie High SchoolFeb. 26-March 4022
Pleasant Valley PrimaryFeb. 26-March 4044
Pleasant Valley MiddleFeb. 26-March 4011
Maple Grove PrimaryFeb. 26-March 4101
Laurin MiddleFeb. 26-March 4022
Glenwood Heights PrimaryFeb. 26-March 4022
District OfficeFeb. 26-March 4000
Daybreak PrimaryFeb. 26-March 4000
Daybreak MiddleFeb. 26-March 4000
Chief Umtuch MiddleFeb. 26-March 4000
Captain Strong PrimaryFeb. 26-March 4011
CAM AcademyFeb. 26-March 4011
BGHSFeb. 26-March 4022
Amboy MiddleFeb. 26-March 4011
ALL DISTRICTFeb. 26-March 431720
Yacolt PrimaryFeb. 19-Feb. 25101
WarehouseFeb. 19-Feb. 25000
UnassignedFeb. 19-Feb. 25101
Tukes Valley PrimaryFeb. 19-Feb. 25011
Tukes Valley MiddleFeb. 19-Feb. 25011
Summit View High SchoolFeb. 19-Feb. 25000
River HomeLinkFeb. 19-Feb. 25000
Prairie High SchoolFeb. 19-Feb. 25044
Pleasant Valley PrimaryFeb. 19-Feb. 25022
Pleasant Valley MiddleFeb. 19-Feb. 25011
Maple Grove PrimaryFeb. 19-Feb. 25011
Laurin MiddleFeb. 19-Feb. 25011
Glenwood Heights PrimaryFeb. 19-Feb. 25011
District OfficeFeb. 19-Feb. 25000
Daybreak PrimaryFeb. 19-Feb. 25022
Daybreak MiddleFeb. 19-Feb. 25022
Chief Umtuch MiddleFeb. 19-Feb. 25134
Captain Strong PrimaryFeb. 19-Feb. 25000
CAM AcademyFeb. 19-Feb. 25011
BGHSFeb. 19-Feb. 25167
Amboy MiddleFeb. 19-Feb. 25000
ALL DISTRICTFeb. 19-Feb. 2542630
Yacolt PrimaryFeb. 12-Feb. 18011
WarehouseFeb. 12-Feb. 18000
UnassignedFeb. 12-Feb. 18000
Tukes Valley PrimaryFeb. 12-Feb. 18044
Tukes Valley MiddleFeb. 12-Feb. 18011
Summit View High SchoolFeb. 12-Feb. 18000
River HomeLinkFeb. 12-Feb. 18123
Prairie High SchoolFeb. 12-Feb. 1821315
Pleasant Valley PrimaryFeb. 12-Feb. 18044
Pleasant Valley MiddleFeb. 12-Feb. 18033
Maple Grove PrimaryFeb. 12-Feb. 18044
Laurin MiddleFeb. 12-Feb. 18011
Glenwood Heights PrimaryFeb. 12-Feb. 18167
District OfficeFeb. 12-Feb. 18000
Daybreak PrimaryFeb. 12-Feb. 18011
Daybreak MiddleFeb. 12-Feb. 18033
Chief Umtuch MiddleFeb. 12-Feb. 18011
Captain Strong PrimaryFeb. 12-Feb. 18033
CAM AcademyFeb. 12-Feb. 18000
BGHSFeb. 12-Feb. 18156
Amboy MiddleFeb. 12-Feb. 18022
ALL DISTRICTFeb. 12-Feb. 1855459
Yacolt PrimaryFeb. 5-Feb. 11022
WarehouseFeb. 5-Feb. 11000
UnassignedFeb. 5-Feb. 11202
Tukes Valley PrimaryFeb. 5-Feb. 11033
Tukes Valley MiddleFeb. 5-Feb. 11145
Summit View High SchoolFeb. 5-Feb. 11000
River HomeLinkFeb. 5-Feb. 11044
Prairie High SchoolFeb. 5-Feb. 1112425
Pleasant Valley PrimaryFeb. 5-Feb. 11022
Pleasant Valley MiddleFeb. 5-Feb. 11011
Maple Grove PrimaryFeb. 5-Feb. 11033
Laurin MiddleFeb. 5-Feb. 11224
Glenwood Heights PrimaryFeb. 5-Feb. 1101010
District OfficeFeb. 5-Feb. 11202
Daybreak PrimaryFeb. 5-Feb. 11033
Daybreak MiddleFeb. 5-Feb. 11022
Chief Umtuch MiddleFeb. 5-Feb. 11055
Captain Strong PrimaryFeb. 5-Feb. 11044
CAM AcademyFeb. 5-Feb. 11145
BGHSFeb. 5-Feb. 1132023
Amboy MiddleFeb. 5-Feb. 11123
ALL DISTRICTFeb. 5-Feb. 111494108
Yacolt PrimaryApril 23-April 29000
WarehouseApril 23-April 29101
UnassignedApril 23-April 29000
Tukes Valley PrimaryApril 23-April 29000
Tukes Valley MiddleApril 23-April 29000
Summit View High SchoolApril 23-April 29101
River HomeLinkApril 23-April 29101
Prairie High SchoolApril 23-April 29145
Pleasant Valley PrimaryApril 23-April 29011
Pleasant Valley MiddleApril 23-April 29011
Maple Grove PrimaryApril 23-April 29033
Laurin MiddleApril 23-April 29044
Glenwood Heights PrimaryApril 23-April 29011
District OfficeApril 23-April 29000
Daybreak PrimaryApril 23-April 29011
Daybreak MiddleApril 23-April 29000
Chief Umtuch MiddleApril 23-April 29145
Captain Strong PrimaryApril 23-April 29000
CAM AcademyApril 23-April 29011
BGHSApril 23-April 29235
Amboy MiddleApril 23-April 29000
ALL DISTRICTApril 23-April 2972330
Yacolt PrimaryApril 16-April 22000
WarehouseApril 16-April 22000
UnassignedApril 16-April 22000
Tukes Valley PrimaryApril 16-April 22000
Tukes Valley MiddleApril 16-April 22011
Summit View High SchoolApril 16-April 22000
River HomeLinkApril 16-April 22011
Prairie High SchoolApril 16-April 22022
Pleasant Valley PrimaryApril 16-April 22055
Pleasant Valley MiddleApril 16-April 22000
Maple Grove PrimaryApril 16-April 22000
Laurin MiddleApril 16-April 22022
Glenwood Heights PrimaryApril 16-April 22000
District OfficeApril 16-April 22000
Daybreak PrimaryApril 16-April 22000
Daybreak MiddleApril 16-April 22000
Chief Umtuch MiddleApril 16-April 22000
Captain Strong PrimaryApril 16-April 22000
CAM AcademyApril 16-April 22000
BGHSApril 16-April 22000
Amboy MiddleApril 16-April 22000
ALL DISTRICTApril 16-April 2201111
Yacolt PrimaryApril 2-April 15000
WarehouseApril 2-April 15000
UnassignedApril 2-April 15000
Tukes Valley PrimaryApril 2-April 15000
Tukes Valley MiddleApril 2-April 15101
Summit View High SchoolApril 2-April 15000
River HomeLinkApril 2-April 15000
Prairie High SchoolApril 2-April 15033
Pleasant Valley PrimaryApril 2-April 15000
Pleasant Valley MiddleApril 2-April 15000
Maple Grove PrimaryApril 2-April 15011
Laurin MiddleApril 2-April 15000
Glenwood Heights PrimaryApril 2-April 15033
District OfficeApril 2-April 15000
Daybreak PrimaryApril 2-April 15101
Daybreak MiddleApril 2-April 15000
Chief Umtuch MiddleApril 2-April 15202
Captain Strong PrimaryApril 2-April 15000
CAM AcademyApril 2-April 15011
BGHSApril 2-April 15011
Amboy MiddleApril 2-April 15000
ALL DISTRICTApril 2-April 154913
Yacolt PrimaryApril 30-May 6112
WarehouseApril 30-May 6000
UnassignedApril 30-May 6000
Tukes Valley PrimaryApril 30-May 6112
Tukes Valley MiddleApril 30-May 6033
Summit View High SchoolApril 30-May 6000
River HomeLinkApril 30-May 6123
Prairie High SchoolApril 30-May 6134
Pleasant Valley PrimaryApril 30-May 6011
Pleasant Valley MiddleApril 30-May 6202
Maple Grove PrimaryApril 30-May 6145
Laurin MiddleApril 30-May 6000
Glenwood Heights PrimaryApril 30-May 6044
District OfficeApril 30-May 6101
Daybreak PrimaryApril 30-May 6011
Daybreak MiddleApril 30-May 6101
Chief Umtuch MiddleApril 30-May 6033
Captain Strong PrimaryApril 30-May 6213
CAM AcademyApril 30-May 6000
BGHSApril 30-May 6011
Amboy MiddleApril 30-May 6000
ALL DISTRICTApril 30-May 6112536
Amboy MiddleMay 7-May 13022
BGHSMay 7-May 13369
CAM AcademyMay 7-May 13000
Captain Strong PrimaryMay 7-May 13112
Chief Umtuch MiddleMay 7-May 13022
Daybreak MiddleMay 7-May 13000
Daybreak PrimaryMay 7-May 13000
Glenwood Heights PrimaryMay 7-May 13044
Laurin MiddleMay 7-May 13112
Maple Grove PrimaryMay 7-May 13224
Pleasant Valley MiddleMay 7-May 13022
Pleasant Valley PrimaryMay 7-May 13112
Prairie High SchoolMay 7-May 13178
River HomeLinkMay 7-May 13033
Summit View High SchoolMay 7-May 13011
Tukes Valley MiddleMay 7-May 13033
Tukes Valley PrimaryMay 7-May 13011
Yacolt PrimaryMay 7-May 13202
District OfficeMay 7-May 13000
WarehouseMay 7-May 13000
UnassignedMay 7-May 13000
ALL DISTRICTMay 7-May 13113647
This table contains all cases reported to the district. This means not every person will have been in a building during the time they were contagious.


The dashboard below includes data from Sept. 30 through Jan. 4 on people who tested positive for COVID-19 AND were in a Battle Ground Public Schools building during their infectious window. (Cases prior to Sept. 30 included likely cases-symptomatic close contacts of a confirmed positive case.) A case in school will result in notifications to staff and the information being available on this district dashboard. A table of COVID-19 cases in schools during the 2020-21 school year is available online.

The dashboard does not include students or staff who have been required to quarantine, nor does it include students/staff who tested positive but were not in a school building during their infectious window (that is, no exposure occurred at school).

The dashboard does include cases of within-school spread as determined by Clark County Public Health.


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