High School Sexual Health

In accordance with district policy 2125 and Washington State laws (RCW 28A.230.070, RCW 28A.300.475, WAC 392-410-140), Battle Ground Public Schools offers instruction in sexual health education to all high school students enrolled in a health class. For 2019-20, this instruction will begin in May. Between now and April 28, parents of students currently enrolled in a high school health class have several opportunities to review the high school curriculum materials that will be used for the teaching of sexual health in high school health classes:

  • A parent review night will be held on Monday, April 15, in the Battle Ground High School Media Center from 4:00 – 7:30 p.m.
  • The materials are available to review by appointment at the district office; please call (360) 885-5389 to make an appointment.
  • The materials are available to review in the main office of each high school and River HomeLink.

This notification is for parents/guardians of high school students enrolled in health courses. The following high school health courses include instruction on sexual health:

  • Freshman Health and Fitness, PED202
  • Freshman Health and Speed Strength Training (SST), PED216
  • Health, PED203
  • Family Health, HEC013
  • Introduction to Health Sciences Careers, VTI226

You may have heard that Battle Ground Public Schools is in the process of adopting a new sexual health curriculum for use in high school health classes. This review is NOT of the new sexual health curriculum. Please visit the Curriculum Adoption page to get more information about the curriculum adoption process. Because a new curriculum has not yet been adopted, the district is using materials previously approved by the board to teach sexual health this semester. The high school sexual health lessons will cover basic information in four units and be taught over five days. The units are 1) Anatomy, Reproduction and Pregnancy and Puberty/Development; 2) Prevention of STDs and HIV/AIDS; 3) Prevention of Pregnancy and 4) Healthy Relationships and Washington State Law.

Opt-Out form

If, after reviewing the curriculum, parents/guardians of students currently enrolled in a high school health class would like to opt-out their high school child(ren) from any of these units, you will need to complete the online Opt-Out Form for High School Sexual Health. Please note that even if you have previously opted out your child from sexual health, HIV/AIDS or growth and development lessons, you will need to opt them out of high school sexual health education for spring 2019. Students who are opted out of these lessons will be given an alternative, required health assignment. The deadline to opt out is April 28.


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