Seniors: Class of 2021

Seniors! We know you have questions about the impacts that remote learning will have on everything from grades and graduation to events (prom!) and exams.

More information is also available on your high school Seniors webpage:

COVID Graduation Credit Waiver

A student or his/her parents/guardians may request a waiver of up to two elective credits during his/her year of expected graduation from high school due to the student’s circumstances. In addition to the two elective credits from Policy 2418, students in the graduating class of 2020 or 2021 may seek additional waivers for both subject area credit and pathway graduation requirements. The district will demonstrate a good faith effort to help individual students meet credit-based and pathway graduation requirements through other options before considering the emergency waiver. Students must earn at least 20 credits to graduate. The superintendent or designee will review each request on a case-by-case basis and use his or her judgment, experience, and knowledge of the student to determine whether the circumstances exist to justify the waiver.

Waivable Graduation Requirements

  • 2 elective credit Policy 2418
  • 2 credits may be “flexible” or “core” credits
    • No more than 1.0 credit in any core subject area
  • Graduation pathway option

Requests must be received by the superintendent or designee’s office by May 31, 2021.  Responses will be provided within 10 business days of May 31, 2021.

On student transcripts, a code “V” will indicate the course or graduation requirement that was waived.

More information about graduation credit waivers is explained in Resolution D-21.     Spanish    Russian


2021 COVID Waiver of High School Graduation Credits (English)

2021 COVID Waiver of High School Graduation Credits (Spanish)

2021 COVID Waiver of High School Graduation Credits (Russian)

FAQ by topic

We will continue to update this page as we receive more information.

Questions are categorized by topic.

School and events

High school administrators and ASB leadership are meeting to discuss these events and develop plans and options. Each high school will communicate with their seniors about plans for senior events.


The majority of seniors and family in a recent survey said they preferred to hold traditional in-person graduation ceremonies. The district is currently planning for these to take place outdoors at District Stadium near the Battle Ground High School campus. Students will be able to have at least four guests in attendance, using a ticketing system to reserve seats (details to come). Other health and safety measures, such as masks and physical distancing, will still be required. Schools will provide further details in the coming weeks. Graduation schedules will remain as follows:

  • Battle Ground High School – June 11 – 7 p.m.
  • CAM Academy – June 9 – 7 p.m.
  • Prairie High School – June 10 – 7 p.m.
  • River HomeLink – June 14 – 7 p.m.
  • Summit View High School – June 15 – 7 p.m.

Current plans are for in-person graduation ceremonies held outdoors at District Stadium near Battle Ground High School. Should Clark County be rolled back into Phase 2 of the state reopening plan, the district would likely extend the time for graduation ceremonies in order to break graduating classes into smaller groups to allow for traditional ceremonies with limited capacities.

Further information will be sent to students and families in the coming weeks.

Schools will communicate to seniors a pick up date when items from vendors are available.

Each school will have a different last day for Seniors depending on your graduation date. All senior work will need to be turned in and completed on or before your graduation date. You will have until June 16 to return your Chromebook, textbooks and pay all fines or fees in order to receive your diploma.

Seniors are “ranked” at the end of first semester, and that information is used to determine valedictorian and salutatorian.

Graduation Requirements

Yes. If you believe you have already satisfied all diploma requirements for graduation and wish to graduate early, please contact your counselor or principal.

Policy 2418 allows for a waiver of up to two flexible credits due to extenuating circumstances. Students can ask their counselor about the possibility of this option.

There is still time to raise your grade in these classes, and we encourage you to work with your teacher. At this point, these graduation credits can’t be waived. Students must pass these classes to graduate.

Students should reach out to their counselors to ensure that they have a plan for obtaining these credits and getting them completed in a timely manner.

We encourage you to contact your counselor to see what support we can give you. There are community resources available. For students who need it, there may be a waiver for elective credit that could be used to meet credit requirements or credit that can be issued for work experience that meets certain requirements.

The Washington State Legislature is working on a bill that would grant emergency waivers for this year’s seniors. We will provide more information when it becomes available.

Consult with your school counselor regarding the waiver of PE. Health is a state core requirement and cannot be waived.

High School Principals will work with athletic directors and counselors to determine a plan should you fall into this category. Communication will come from your principal, athletic director and/or counselor.

Students who earned World Language Competency credits will see those credits placed on their transcripts. The district is working with OSPI regarding the Seal of Biliteracy because one of the required components is testing proficiently on the ELA SBA. Once a decision has been made about this, information will be sent to high school counselors and the information will be added to this document.

There are multiple options for meeting the graduation pathway requirement. Counselors have been working with individual students who have not yet met this requirement. Students are encouraged to connect with their counselors if they have additional questions about this requirement.

Battle Ground Public Schools has 100 seats available for the SAT at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 3, 2021. Students must pre-register, and pay the $68 fee through the district’s online fee payment system.

Please email Paula DeLano if you need help registering. Waivers are available upon request for those who qualify for free or reduced lunch. If you plan to use a waiver, please email Barb Kujava before registering. You will receive an email with final instructions a couple of days prior to the test date.

We are also looking into the possibility of holding an ACT test in March and/or April. Information will be publicized as soon as details are available.

Seniors who have not completed their HSBP requirements can log in to their accounts and finalize requirements for graduation.  Seniors that have sections to complete will be contacted by Career Center staff or a school counselor and should check their email for directions with their student logins.

For more information:

Advanced Placement — AP Exams

Yes. The College Board is planning to administer AP tests this year. Not all the details are available yet, but we believe there will be some flexible test options for remote students. We will post information as soon as it becomes available.

Continue to work with your AP teacher in preparation for the test. Additional resources are available from the College Board on the AP Daily website.

Students and schools have access to free, live AP review lessons delivered by AP teachers from across the country. Keep in contact with your AP teacher for updates on scheduled Zoom meetings, office hours, and weekly learning activities.

Yes, students who register but don’t end up taking the test can cancel and get a full refund if they no longer want to participate in the AP test.

AP Students who are completely remote and don’t have access to a device or to the internet for testing should contact their AP teacher and/or AP Building Coordinator. We will work with you to find a testing situation that is right for you.

CTE and Dual Credit

In order to receive college credit, students currently enrolled in these courses must continue their learning to meet the objectives/outcomes of the class and obtain a B or better grade.

College and Career

Counseling office staff are hard at work serving students. Please contact your counselor regarding college applications and related documentation.

Yes! Counselors and College and Career Specialists are available and standing by to assist students with questions and concerns regarding their post-high school plans.

High Schools are combining efforts for virtual college visits hosted by colleges and universities. The college reps send virtual links to share with students. These visits are happening on Wednesdays. All students and families are invited to attend.


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