Highly anticipated launch of Middle School Sports awaits levy results

Oct. 28, 2021

Following a double levy failure in the 1980s, Battle Ground Public Schools was forced to eliminate middle school sports. In 2019, the district’s Board of Directors committed to investing in the relaunch of sports at the middle school level over a several year period, starting in 2020. The pandemic temporarily delayed that launch, but boys and girls basketball seasons are scheduled to begin in early 2022. That would be followed by other sports in the spring including cross country and soccer. In 2022-23, volleyball and track would be introduced, followed by wrestling and football sometime in the future.

Should a replacement levy on the Nov. 2 ballot fail to pass, the launch of middle school sports would be further delayed. Levy funding provides for 178 coaches and athletic advisors at the district’s two comprehensive high schools, and would be needed to hire approximately 109 more coaches for the six middle schools once all sports are fully launched. Levy dollars also support student transportation for athletic events as well as referees and game workers.

Without the replacement levy, Battle Ground Public Schools would face a budget shortfall in excess of $28 million in 2022. Levy dollars are pooled with state funds to pay for programs and services that provide opportunities beyond basic education. The levy enables the district to supply technology to students, offer a variety of electives, maintain facilities, and provide staff that enhance learning experiences and coach athletics and activities. Learn more about the levy and what it funds by visiting our levy information page, and please vote on Nov. 2


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